Sunday, August 23, 2009

Infrared Sauna

Whenever I go to The Spa, I end up enjoying the Sauna more than the massage. I do not like people kneading too hard on my muscles but I do appreciate how my body feels like right after a good sweat in the Sauna. My problem though with saunas is that you cannot stay far too long in the room. They say it is bad for the heart and personally, my head begins to hurt after a while. So what I do instead is to get a cold shower and then back to the sauna I go. Apparently, there is another way that will allow one to stay longer in a sauna. If we use an Infrared Sauna, it will heat up our bodies faster at 120 degrees compared to the 180 degrees needed in regular saunas. Not so hot for the heart and brain but the heat gets absorbed by the body, thus making you break into sweat sooner than regular saunas.

There are two kinds of saunas and by far infrared saunas that are carbon-based is good. The ceramic types tend to produce less heat. You might ask what the benefits are of saunas. For one, it can rid you of toxins, make you lose weight, lower blood pressure among many others. All this talk about saunas, makes me want to go to the nearest spa!!! Some people who can afford it actually have personal saunas at home. I want! :)