Saturday, August 6, 2011

Defying Gravity

Rating: 5 2/5

I just found out that petroleum and mineral oil are bad for the skin. They just stay there atop the skin and they just worsen things, these products will make you older!!! Never going Jergens again! I checked the bottle and found out this contained all these things.

My staple lotion right now is, believe it or not, Jergen's Age Defying lotion. I am now 31 and I recognize that I have to apply lotion as often as I can. I have not been faithfully doing this but I am trying *hehe!*. I find it time consuming to apply lotion but this lotion has kept my skin moisturized and my bank account happier. :) When I do not have the time, I slather the lotion on my breasts because I really think it is important that they are moisturized. :)
This lotion is very cheap, economical and hygienic because of the dispenser. My siblings are also happy because this does not have a strong scent. I have finished two giant bottles of this and today I am going to go out to get another giant bottle. :)

Since this is a lot cheaper than Kiehl's or even Body Shop, do not expect the results to be as immediate but in the long run, it will really moisturize your skin.

For those in search of an everyday lotion, I highly recommend this.

I have emptied two giant bottles and now I realize that I was soh wrong!!! 
Really sorry about this. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

Rating: 4/5

Last week I went to Boracay so two days before I went, I went to the salon. The rain would not let up so instead of going to Strip: The Ministry of Waxing in Makati, I ended up going to LayBare Salon at the Mall of Asia. I was worried that they might double dip but I was relieved when I found out their wax are already pre-packed in small containers. They use honey so they have blobs of sticky honey in the container and this is what is used for the client. I only had my underarms did because I think the honey wax would hurt if used for a Brazilian. That and, well... I did not think I would be able to go to the beach as often as I did last March because I was master of ceremonies a the conference which meant I was cooped up in the session hall for most parts. Now in hindsight though... I think I did the right thing *haha!*!

I also had my tummy done so it is smooth and fuzz free. I do not have a hairy tummy but I do not like the baby hair showing. :) The wax got almost all my underarm hair but there were still baby hair in my tummy after the treatment hence the rating.

The technician was very friendly but I think she was not very professional. The technicians outside (those who were not doing much) were also very noisy outside so the place did not seem relaxing. The Strip provides more privacy and is more quiet and more relaxing. I do not think I would ever opt for a Brazilian at a place other than The Strip. LayBare's rates are so much cheaper though. They only charge 150Php for waxing of underarms.

I am also considering getting underarm hair removal treatment using diodes. I might go to Makati Medical Center because they are just charging 4,192Php per session and I am sure there will be doctors there. Facial Care Center can give me 50% discount and I will be able to get 8 sessions for only 28,000Php but the technicians there will not be doctors. I think I prefer Makati Medical Center. If you are planning to get yours done, do not pluck or wax for weeks. For now I am not plucking... I am still thinking about this still actually. I do not know what to do yet. :)

I will keep you posted! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lip Service

Rating: 5/5
The lip balm that I am super addicted to right now is the Shiseido lip balm. It is in a silver tube and is orange in color. My lips have not cracked since I started using this. Unfortunately, this is only available in Japan. This is made in Japan and is super effective. I am sorry I keep on using the word super but this is really the best word that can think of. To give you an idea, I finished the tube that I got last October to the last gunk hehe... From tube I turned it into mush so I can still use it *hehe*! This does not have a strong scent and is very light. I do not use ot before sleeping, I only apply it before applying lip color.
A tube costs around 500Php. It is not that bad for a Shiseido product. Mine lasted for eight months.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


<bold> Rating: 3/5 </bold>
I tried Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 anti-aging cream and I was reminded why I stopped using it in the first place. People were complimentin me how radiant my skin looked. I think it's because of the luminous particles. However, I really feel that my pores became larger by using this product. So I stopped.
Instead, I have reverted toy trusted brand Shiseido. I will talk about this later on.
The scent of Olay is nice, packaging is hygeinic and economical but I am not going to use it in a long while.
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1 Tone

Wow... I never bothered to check the stats until today and I was amazed by the number of people who actually read this blog *haha*! I was inspired to write another article needless to say. I will try to post more reviews now that I know people are actually reading this!

I shared last time about my visit at the Facial Care Center in Makati to get a wart removal treatment. I got the wart removal treatment for free but I had to get some other services for a fee. I got two collagen facials and I think, 12 laser tone treatments. I have not been religiously going there what with the high gas price and all but last week I went to Makati Med for a check-up and so I decided to drop by at FCC before going home. I got myself a facial.

I like their facials because they really meticulously clean your face of the blemishes. Also, after the facial I used one of my laser tone treatments. The following day, my mother noticed the change in my face immediately. She said my face was smoother. I also noticed how much firmer it was so I guess the facial and the laser tone work!

FCC is nice because you need not pay for parking. Even if you stay there the whole day, they will not charge you because they have their slots reserved for customers. Also, you are not supposed to tip the technicians because they have a no tipping policy. I think this is nice because you need not worry about how much to give them. The place is clean and I feel everything is kept hygienic so I feel somehow safe here.

What I absolutely abhor about FCC are their agents who will hound you with different offers on treatments. I think they have to be very aggressive so they can meet their quota. The annoying thing is, when you start asking about technical things, I feel they are unable to give convincing answers. Some answers even contradict with previous answers. As a result, I just decide not to avail of any offers. Which is a good thing for my pocket *hehe!*.

Recently, I purchased from a treatment at the Zen Institute at the Fort. I will tell you about it after I have tried it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stripped to the Wax!

Rating: 5/5

Many weeks ago, I went to Boracay but before I went, I got to do one of the things on my bucket list. Do not laugh. Okay, at least not to my face.

I got a Brazilian.

I was scared because many people say it hurts. Surprisingly though, it did not hurt as much as I thought it would. I guess it has to do with the two Advil pills that I popped one hour before turning myself in. I got my eyebrows threaded first before I went for my Brazilian. I liked how the Browhaus changed the shape of my brows. I need to pluck some stray hair now but the shape is still okay until now. I think I might go back to them and might stop going to Propaganda altogether.

Going back to the Brazilian.

I think the lack of the pain had much to do also with the technician or as they call them at The Strip: Ministry of Waxing, Striperella. She really knew what she was doing and because she knew it was my first time, she coached me in breathing and stuff. What I liked about their service is that they have a hygiene pack for each customer and they do not double dip on the wax. They use hard wax so that it is less painful. I know this because I have had experience with the soft wax for my tummy and really, it would have hurt like hell if this was used for my Brazilian.

I also had my underarms done and this was also pretty alright because they also used hard wax.

Granted that The Strip charges more, I would still go back to them for their services because they are hygienic and I am not going to risk going to other places if I am not going to be guaranteed no double dips.

If there is anything I did not like, it's the sheets. I know the sheets get replaced after each customer but I was kind of hoping they were disposable. I can feel the environmentalists stoning me. I am sorry but it really would be more hygienic. We can use recycled paper. :)

All in all, I really liked their services.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Massage Message

I have been using Shiseido BioPerformance Eye Contour Cream for months now since I stopped before to switch to Estee Lauder's ANR line and then to Clinique (which did not work out for me). I forgot that to get the most out of Shiseido Bioperformance, you have to lightly pat your eye orbit area... I think it is beginning to work on me again. AFter I empty my second pump since I went back, I am sure to get another one. Yes, even though I told myself I have to save up because I really need this.

It is that good.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wart Off

I am back to using Olay moisturizer with SPF 15. I cannot remember why I stopped using it, I think it was because I wanted to try Estee Lauder and then I never went back until now.

Celeteque results were not as dramatic as they promised but who knows... I might find myself back again later. For now, I think Olay moisturizer is working for me... err... it was working for me a week ago. For now, I stopped because of the cauterization that I went through.

I have had three laser tone treatments all in all. I do not know if it is just me but my skin does look more firm after the laser tone treatment at Facial Care Centre. However, it might also be because I slept better during vacation and I did not run as much and also because I might have gained weight. I still have five more sessions so I will update you.

On the cauterization, it is pretty much like the results delivered by Bioessence. The recover time is also pretty much the same. It also took me a week or so before the scabs fell off last time. The creams that both clinics offer are different. Facial Care Centre healing cream is white so it is very gross when you apply it plus it has an ointment scent. Bioessence's post wart cream has no scent and is clear so it's okay to apply it even when you are going out. The cream of Facial Care Centre fetches for 900 Php, it comes in a big tub whereas Bioessence's fetches for 130Php, it comes in a small tube. Bioessence is more economical because you can just buy more if you need more. I was not able to finish the entire tub needless to say but it says you can use it as an anti-inflammatory ointment for burns, pimples and the like.