Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bizarre Bazaar

Since it is the season of going to bazaars and us trying to find the best bargains around, I figured I might as well get give a review about a beauty gunk's kind of bazaar stall.

I was able to catch them a few years ago at a bazaar at World Trade Center. This bazaar was especially for cosmetics and beauty so most of the stalls then were about beauty products however, this bazaar highlighted brands like Lancome, Shu Uemura, L'oreal and Maybelline among others. I went crazy then and bought five thousand peso worth of cosmetics! I know I am crazy! Most of those things I did not even need and to this day have not really used outside the house. For one, the shades were not flattering. When you go to the bazaar, there are no testers, so you just buy these based on looking at the box, sometimes they let you open the box. I do not know if this is true with all their products but most of what I bought were not very good anymore. For one, the Shu Uemura eye brow liner that I bought would not write anymore. I mean, if you really insist on using that, you can hurt yourself. They are lucky because we do not live in a litigious society or I am sure they would have been sued already. The Maybelline lip glosses had funky smells already which of course I did not notice at first because I have not owned Maybelline lip glosses prior to this. It was such a waste because I got so many tubes to give away as gifts but after, I was so embarassed to give them away! The Lancome Juicy Tube was totally not usable anymore and I have to throw it away one of these days when I think of cleaning my stuff *sheepish grin*. I also got a Maybelline mascara which was still okay fortunately. I got a Lancome lip lacquer and this was also good but the color is a bit crazy, you have to be bold to use it. I got two Shu Uemura lipsticks and the color just won't appear on my lips. I am not a fan of Shu Uemura, all my lipsticks are either Estee Lauder or Shiseido so I thought this bazaar was a great way of trying out Shu Uemura, much to my demise, the colors just won't run on my lips. Nada. I tried my wrists and no sign of color too. I had to wonder if I was six again and was applying plastic lipstick!

After my experience I really do not trust bazaars for make-up anymore but if you cannot help it, here are some tips.

  • Just buy products that you have used before

  • At least you would know if the product is not good anymore.

  • Do not go shopping crazy
  • <
    If possible, buy a few items first and test if they are still okay. You can buy one item and go to the comfort room and check if the quality is still okay, if it is, then go ahead and buy more, if not, then at least you already know and you can stop yourself from buying more. Check the smell and consistency, if it's funky, it must be expired.

  • Know the actual prices of the products

  • Make sure you know the actual prices so you are sure you are indeed getting a deal. I mean if it is just a few hundred bucks, stick to the newer stocks at the mall, at least if that is no good, you can always return them.

If you have other bizarree bazaar experiences, do share them here. We can learn from each other.

Oh and yeah, if you are wondering which bazaar this is, I am not really sure of the name as I have forgotten but some of the products still had Rustan's price tags on them. I am not saying they were Rustan's but they could be the consigner too, come to think of it, all brands I got are all L'oreal brands.

BTW, did you know that L'oreal already bought The Body Shop?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Kind of Sunblock

Rating: 5/5
Sorry, I have not been posting for the past few days because I have been very busy trying to do all the work that I can this week because I won't be around this Friday. I will be going to Boracay with my husband! *yey*

Anyway, since we will be going to Boracay and I just got back from the mall to buy two fresh bottles of Shiseido waterproof SPF50 PA+++ for the face and body, I might as well review this. This is my nth bottle. I have lost count already of the number of bottles I have consumed. I used to collect them just in case there will be promos in the future *wahaha* you know, the kind where you exchange containers for goodies, but alas, this is never to be for luxury cosmetic brands. Shiseido is midrange, I mean there are far, far more expensive brands by the way but still, it is more expensive than umm... Coppertone. I like this particular sun block because it is not sticky and not smelly. It has a distinctive smell but it's not a stinky smell... I actually like it now. This is also very effective. I mean, I love beaches and I love being under the sun and whenever I do get out into the sun, I always use Shiseido. I have never gotten sun burn and my skin does not darken as much when I use Shiseido. When I got back from my honeymoon people could not believe I actually went to the beach. :)

Since this is waterproof you can get their Sunblock Remover which I can review next time. I do not bother with the remover because... I shall reveal this in due time *hehe*.

The bottle is great because it is light, sporty in color (same color as the Shiseido waterproof SPF 50 PA+++ for the face) and best of all, it does not spill. A little goes a long way and it is not difficult to apply. This does not leave a white mask like other hideous sunblock formulae out there. I have tried other sunblocks and well, I will review them next time *hehe*! You might be wondering why I use a Shiseido sunblock for the face and another for the body. The other one is creamy while the one for the body is not as creamy, it's a bit runny actually. The creamy one is easy to apply in the face and goes on thicker. The one for the body and face is more runny so that when you apply it on the face, the danger is for this to get in your eyes, also it does not go on the face as thick as the one especially for the face. Finally, the face is more compact to carry around.

The Shiseido sunblock for the face and body SPF 50 PA+++ waterproof fetches for 2500 Php. All Shiseido outlets are giving a 10% discount to all Citibank Credit Card holders. Also, make sure you get a record because if you accumulate fifty thousand worth of purchases you can then be part of the Shiseido Circle and you can get free facials among other perks! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Belle de Jour Planner 2009

Rating: 4/5

I know I am to post beauty products here but I have already posted on FitFlops so I thought, what the heck, I'll post about planners too! I know planners are pretty in this season. At around this time, for the past two years (I am kind of a late bloomer since I do not drink coffee :) ), I would be in a coffee shop gulping green tea latte or something that is not coffee and my then-boyfriend would be gulping down the coffee of his choice. I would be very anxious to fill up my Spark Of Hope card from Starbucks. Not this year though as I have discovered this year (What did I tell you? Late bloomer!) about the Belle de Jour planner. It is only 598 Php. I got mine for 568 Php and with free delivery as I reserved early and paid early. I also got a Mikaela card that will give me a free hair cut and treatment on my birthday! You see, I found out about this a few months into the year already when I already drank my way to a Starbucks planner! Why do I want this planner you say? There are many reasons!

I like this planner because it has so many coupons. While most require a minimum purchase and then gives you a measly 10% off (such an ingrate, I am *sheepish grin*), there are coupons that gives you Buy 1 Take 1 deals like the five coupons from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. What's so much better is that I like Coffee Bean, I love their leather couches *hehe!*! Now, I can get a drink and get one free, perfect for my husband and me! :D

Another thing that I like about it is that it has certain spaces for things that you just want to do during the 5-minute gaps, it has a space for the most difficult tasks you have to put out of the way during the week, it has a space for your goals be it financial, career, personal, etc. I am in no way related to those who came up with this planner but I am loving the idea. Plus, there are BDJ events that you can attend throughout the year! The planner has tips too on power dressing, accessories, shopping and more!

I highly recommend this to those who are into planners. I hear they are also available in Powerbooks outlets. Try to check it out online too for more information!

What I do not like about the planner is that the paper is not that thick and it is bound using a spring. Mine is still intact though. Also, the way the inner cover is glued is a bit lumpy but other than that, I do not have complaints. There was one typo that I have seen but not really major. If you ask me this is more sulit. They also have a charitable institution so you need not feel guilty about switching from Starbucks to this one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bubble Bliss

Rating: 5/5
I remember, when I was so stressed (and helplessly addicted to Lush products) with my masteral thesis, I decided to splurge on a Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar which costed, if I remember correctly around 300 Php. This is for just one bar. One bar that is meant to be used once. Being the thrift that I was, I decided to ground the Bubble Bar into pieces and just add little by little to the bath tub.

I did not even consume more than half of the Bubble Bar and I already had a mountain of bubbles in the tub. I am talking about soft, small, yummy-smelling bubbles all over the tub. The bubbles massaged me as I got into it. For maximum relaxation effects, use warm water and dim the lights of the bathroom if you can.

This took away my mind from my thesis until my fingers started to prune and I had to really get out of the tub of bubbles. So I rinsed and started thinking again about the recent obstacle in my then-masteral thesis. What is lovely though is that, though you have finished bathing, you can still smell yourself, smelling as lovely as ever!

I smelled of sweet, sweet candy! I highly recommend this for your "me" time. You will want to eat yourself (okay, that did not come out nice...) after.

Remember, if you ground the ball, you can actually use this four times. I was able to use the bubble bar for four bubble baths.

Downside of this product is that this is drying. I would not have bubble baths like this everyday. Of course, it is not everyday that you feel stressed. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eye Patch

Aye, Cap'n Jack! Just wanted to do that *snickers*, it's not at all related to this post.

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am experiencing dark undereye problems right now. Well, since I still cannot convince myself to get the Shiseido Bioperformance Super Eye Contour Cream, I will have to make do with other solutions. I received an Earth Therapeutics HydroGel Under-Eye Patches. I did not try it right away because at that time I was using the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex which was effective by the way but also downright expensive.

One night, out of desperation, I reached out for a pack of the Earth Therapeutics patch and tried it. I was surprised that it was so easy and convenient to use. For one, it's just a patch and the patches are contoured especially for the under-eye so placing them under your eyes is especially easy. It did not drip nor run to your eyes or cheeks, it just stayed put and the smell was nice too. I had to wear it for thirty minutes and then all I had to do was take it off. After, I applied some eye cream as it is part of my normal routine before sleeping.

The following day, I noticed that the darkness has lessened (not banished completely but noticeably lighter). I also noticed that my under-eye was not as dry as before. It said on the package that on the first week you use this, you have to use it three times a week. After the first week, you can just use it twice a week.

I went to Beauty Bar to get a box and found out it fares for 525 Php. I am still thinking whether to sustain this or to find another alternative. I am done with my first week and am now moving on to my second week. Given that Beauty Bar is giving away a pink laptop bag (that I do not really need *hehe*), I might be up for it for the challenge and continue using the HydroGel. You are to fill up the card with stamps, each stamp costing 500Php. Once you complete all 20, you can claim your bag. The card did not get here on time so if you have receipts dating back to October of this year, you can just present it to them and they will stamp away.

Of course, I have also tried just placing cold green tea bags on my eyes and that seems to work too except that it is messy and I do not get to do it regularly. Maybe one of these days. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mask of Magnanimity

Rating: 5/5

In my early twenties, I had this really bad Lush addiction. This was my first flirtation with the expensive things *grin*. I think it was Bo Sanchez's book, Live Simply that knocked me back to my senses only to be knocked into a world of consumerism years later.

I liked the Mask of Magnanimity because for one, it scares the hell out of people because you will look like a person from the underworld whil you have this on. *teehee!* I remember the time when my brother first saw me in the Mask of Magnanimity! He thought I was playing Jim Carrey in The Mask! The smell is not that bad do not worry, it just looks really gross but it's alright because it's worth it.

I mean for one, I did not have break outs. I also noticed the blackheads being lessened after using this. It is also very relaxing especially after the gunk has dried on your face and you are about to wash it off.

The downside of this product as any other Lush product is that the expiry date comes too soon because it does not contain preservatives.

The container is a humble ice cream-like container but the price is far from humble. This however, is one of the best products of Lush that I have tried.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Rating: 4/5
I used to swim a lot and so my arms used to be really firm however, after three years of doing the same thing over and over, I grew tired of it and well... I was left with arms that were not toned anymore a.k.a. sagging *eww!*! I knew I had to do something about it and so I got myself some dumbells (because I'm scared of those big machines at the gym), and I got myself the Nivea Skin Firming Lotion with Q10. I put some on my upper arms and true enough the firmness really improved.

I am not a big fan of the smell, nor is my brother who constantly complained (when I was still living in our house, before I got married) about the smell. The lotion is not as creamy as you would expect but this also makes it easier to spread on the skin.

For those who are worried about their skin sagging, I think this is worth a try. This will take some discipline though as you need to apply this everyday. I noticed results after a few weeks of using this. A bottle lasted me about two to three months. I do not know if this helps cellulite but you can check if it does and then do tell me about it. :)

Am I still using this? No. Not because I have gone back to swimming *sheepish grin* but because I do not have the time nor the discipline anymore *sheepish grin again*. If I had enough time every morning I would still be using this.

The price is also reasonable and Q10 is a naturally occurring chemical in our body so you need not worry about adverse effects.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Murad Facial

Rating: 5/5

Before I got married, I was so worried about looking good and so I decided to have facials. My face was a virgin. All my life I have been afraid of facials. I was afraid that I might have breakouts after I go to a facial session. I looked around and ended up at Rustan's Heaven on the Fifth. I surveyed all the places there and ended up choosing between Clarins Institute and Murad. Clarins was more expensive and the names of the facials were not very specific about the procedure unlike with Murad that explained what the facials were for and the potent ingredients. Plus, Murad's facials were cheaper.

They have existing packages already so I got that one for 6K, I think I got 7 facials and 2 eye treatments for free. I also got a nice 3-piece kikay bag which I find really useful for overnights for free.

During the course of my preparation for the wedding, they gave me first an AHA treatment which was for exfoliating the skin. The following week I got Vitamin C treatment for sun damage and for skin renewal as well. The following weeks were all Vitamin C. After that it was once a month. I got so used to the relaxing treatments that I missed my treatments after the first four weekly treatments. I wanted to come back right away but after the weekly treatments you are supposed to just have monthly treatments. I should have gone back already but I have not yet because I have been too busy. Now I go every two months.

They have a more attractive package now than when I got another package.

Vitamin C, Clarifying Enzyme, AHA Sensitive and AHA All Skin Types

ServiceRegular Price Package PriceSavings
4 Facial Treatments6,8003,900 2,900
7 Facial Treatments11,9006,000 5,900
14 Facial Treatments23,80011,00012,800
2 Redness Facial3,8001, 900 1,900
2 resurgence facial 3,8002,400 1,400
2 Murad Classical 1,800 1, 100 700
3 Facial Treatments (AHA) 5,700 3,600 2,100

The ambience is really nice and the technicians are very gentle... well except for the part when they are cleaning your skin of white and black heads. :)

I have not experienced adverse effects while going through the facial. Also, they have a resident dermatologist who is available on certain days whom you can consult for free.

A treatment usually lasts an hour.

The telephone numbers of Murad are the following: Direct line: 816-1806 or Trunk Line: 813-3739 loc. 266

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was in Trinoma last Sunday with my husband because we volunteered for the Discovery Weekend at OMI at QC. I immediately remembered that this mall houses a Res|Toe|Run shop that sells the FitFlop brand that I have long been lusting after.Mall of Asia, the mall we frequent does not have a shop that sells them yet which explains why I have not purchased a pair yet. I was actually wanting a pair of Sanuks before but now I do not like the Sanuk as I feel they do nothing for my feet.

After reading that FitFlop can tone my thighs and butt and legs, it gave me a good rationalization to get a pair! Imagine, working out while doing my normal routine. I am a teacher so I stand and walk a lot and I thought, it would be great if I can work out my thighs and buns as I go about my work. Well, I have been using it for three days now and I think it is working. Though of course in the past three days I have been to the gym twice. I have not gone to the gym for quite a while because of my busy schedule but now I have returned. Maybe the improvement in my thighs is because of the treadmill but maybe it could be because of my FitFlops too!

I am going to observe the effects on me after a month and then I will report here again. One of my students know about the FitFlop and I asked her to also observe if it works, throwing back her question at me when she asked me if they work. I just bought them and I do not want to generalize. Normally, before I post here, I want to really experience the product first but for this particular instance, I really can't wait. I am just too happy about my footwear, I practically live in them already!

So what did I get for my footwear? I got a WalkStar II which is an improvement to the original design as it has upper leather and extra padding. I got mine in white, after taking forever to choose. The people at Res|Toe|Run were very patient with me and my husband. Special thanks to my husband who really put so much thought into helping me choose the perfect FitFlop!

I considered Fringe too but I figured it was too wild to be worn in class. :)

Bio-Performance Shiseido

Rating: 5/5

Doesn't the name remind you of the superheroes of the eighties? Does Bioman come to mind? Very Japanese right?

When I was doing my masteral thesis, I had to stay up really late so I can work on my program I was taking MSCS at that time. I really lost a lot of sleep, it was fortunate that my mom got me a Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream. It did not completely banish my eyebags but my undereye was not very dark and well, instead of looking like a zombie who has never heard of sleep before, I just looked like a person who has not slept for a complete eight hours.

I tried using it for my eyelids and it was a very bad idea. What this does, I think, is to remove creases to remove wrinkles... so putting some on your eyelids makes your creases less visible (in short, it makes your eyes a bit puffy on the eyelids)! At least we are sure that this is effective for our wrinkles.

This is more expensive than the other products of Shiseido and I think the container alone is really expensive. The container is supposed to employ new technology that keeps moisture and other external factors away from the cream inside. Another thing I do not like very much is the fact that you do not know if there is still any left in the bottle because the container is not see through. However, we have to remember that some creams are so senstive that just being exposed to light can ruin their efficacy.

I think I was able to finish two containers and then I stopped because my mom did not buy me another bottle. A few years ago this fared for more than three thousand pesos.

I am now wondering if I should just get another bottle. I have terribly dark undereyes right now. *sigh*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Delish Nail Enamel Remover

Rating: 5/5

Okay, last time I revealed that I went shopping at The Face Shop. I would like to reveal my latest find and I am loving it! I love their scented The Face Shop Fragrant Nail Enamel Remover. If it's not really taking out the varnish on your nails you would not think it is a nail polish remover. It has the delish smell of strawberries! I mean not the fresh ones, the candy ones. It also comes in blue but I did not bother to smell the blue on *sheepish grin*, I am a sucker for pink things! They also come in nice child proof containers and they do not spill too.

I usually do not remove my nail polish, I wait for my nails to grow enough so that the polish would have been trimmed along with my nails. This of course, looks really gross! I mean, sometimes I get them removed if there are special occasions and I let the professionals at Dashing Diva or California Nail and Day Spa to take care of them.

Why do I hate removing nail polish? I hate it because it dries out my nails. My nails are not really sensitive, in fact, I can make them grow and not have problems at all, however, I do not like the unsightly white stuff after I use acetone. I feel so guilty after. Like I did not do my nails justice.

I have long been looking for a nail polish remover that hydrates and does not damage the nails. I have read from a site that we are not supposed to use alcohol-based nail polish remover. I do not know the contents of this remover but it does not make my nails dry and they are very nice smelling. Oh and yeah, another tip, do not use the nail polish remover more than once per week. I also read this from a site. Apparently, this can damage your nails.

Happy polishing!

P.S. I got myself another hue! I will post it soon. I forgot the color code :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spirit of Moonflower

Rating: 4/5
I do not know if you are like me but if you are, then most probably, you have this urge to dash into a store as soon as you see the sign Sale from the window of the shop and get a hold of whatever bargain deal they have. This happened to me one day when The Body Shop had a sale. There were of course so many things in the store. I discounted Body Butter because I bought the Olive Body Butter, yes, the one that comes in gooey green and that smells like a nightmare. I figured it would help my then dry swimmer's skin but to no avail. I ended up using it for my feet- but this should be another post in itself so I will reserve the rest of the story next time.

I also discounted the Olive Oil Body Mist as I still have half a bottle sitting at home.

I was tempted to get the lip and cheek stain but they have thickened the formula and increased the price. After they did this I never bought one again. I have used the original formula for four years if I am not mistaken. I have consumed so many tubes! It used to be my staple lip color - I think, once more, this should be another entry.

So finally, I got to the shower gels and bath creams. I used the Vanilla shower gel before and it smelled beautiful! I like the scent of Vanilla, it is soh sweet! I wanted to explore so I tried The Moonflower scented body and bath cream.

The Spirit of Moonflower Bath and Body Cream smells really nice. You can still be able to smell hints of it after your bath. Also it's creamier than the shower gel giving an illusion that you are moisturizing your skin. Do not get me wrong though, you should not skip moisturizing after this. Dove's Body Wash if you ask me is more creamy than this though.

The best thing about this is that this doubles as a bubble bath! It makes nice bubbles almost like those of Lush's. I have tried the bubble bath of Marks and Spencer and it was not at all impressive. I was not able to use up the entire bottle because the bubble bath they make was just so sad.

The Spirit of Moonflower Body and Bath Cream is really nice to have around when you travel. The bottle does not spill (at least I have not encountered it and I am not the most organized person in the world), it works nice with a loofah or just as a bubble bath.


Downside: It can dry your skin after a while so do not use this everyday. I only use mine on occasions when I want to smell like Moonflower. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Face Shop Nails

Rating: 5/5

I have recently discovered the very nice and affordable nail polishes of The Face Shop. I know it is called The Face Shop and if there is anything I will buy there it should be for the face, but still, I really think their nail polishes are fantastic. I am not a nail polish person, in fact, I do not really know how to apply nail polish. I always go to a salon to get my nails done. I have frequented California Nails and Day Spa and Dashing Diva. I will write a review on these visits too next time.

Anyway, since I have zero talent on nail polish application but I do not have the time and I want to save on money on manicure and pedicure... I have to learn how to do it on my own. Do not get me wrong, I did not give myself a manicure. When I go to salons, I always ask the technician to just push my cuticles because if you do cut them they will grow thicker and more hideous than before. So essentially, when I ask for manicure, I just really ask them to cut hang nails. I did not attempt this yet. i might end up cutting more than I want.

I bought a nice shade of pink called PK104. I had absolutely no trouble applying it. It went on smoothly! I might get new shades. I was planning to have more adventurous colors on weekends and more neutral colors on weekdays but I found out last night from an informative video that you are not supposed to use nail polish remover more than once a week! Good grief! I almost killed my nails!

The nail polish is made in Korea and they have fabulous shades. Shades that will not make your hands look darker than they are. I like how my PK104 highlights the sparkle of my engagement ring.

The picture above is not the exact shade although from The Face Shop web site, this is the image for PK104.

Salon Shampoo at Home

Rating: 5/5
I think I can start reviewing this product because my bottle is half empty already and I have convinced my sister to start using L'orealElseve with Nutrilium for fizzy, dry and hard to manage hair. First of all, L'oreal is the mother company of Kerastase making Elseve and Kerastase sister brands. And are they sisters!

Elseve smells like a salon shampoo so when you lather it on your hair, it just feels so relaxing! Is it just me who finds that salon shampoo smell relaxing?! Please tell me I am not a freak. If this is not enough, it lathers really well too, with really small bubbles, it makes foams of bubbles on your hair. A little goes a long way. I have been using my bottle for more than a month now and I have really long hair. It has wonderful smell, lather and it is effective too.

My hair was very dry before I started using Elseve but just one wash moisturized my hair. It says on the bottle, Nutrilium is supposed to be micro oil that gets absorbed by your hair immediately. I only tried the shampoo since I do not have enough time to rinse the conditioner though I already got the conditioner I will try it as soon as I get the time. My hair is shiny now and smooth now.

The shampoo is cheaper than those of Lush or Fruits and Passion but is still too much compared to other brands. It retails for 165Php. I have, however, not compared this against other shampoos in terms of the number of uses (or servings if you like )per bottle. I might try this one of these days.

Still, the smell of the shampoo and the lather and the way it really works makes the price all worth it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nivea Naivete

Rating: 3/5

I never wanted crow feet so at the age of 21 I have started using eye creams. I started with a cheap solution first. I used Nivea Visage. This of course, did nothing for my eyes. However, putting something on my eyes felt better than putting nothing. I do not know if this works. I was able to use three tubes but because I was still young then, I did not really notice much changes. It does not promise to reduce puffiness or to reduce fine lines, it just essentially moisturizes. It has been years since I last used this and I do not think I will go back. I have tried far too many eye creams to go back.

This eye cream though I must say is economical. Not only is this cheaper, it also just requires you to dab very little because if you dab on too much, you will not be able to get all the gunk absorbed. This does not have a scent, it is small and light since it comes in a very simple tube packaging so it is easy to bring around.

I have not tried DNAge though but I have heard people ranting about this line. Maybe one of these days I will give it a try. Right now I am using a Clinique product. I want to finish the entire tub first before I give a critique on that.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not So Super

Rating: 1/5
I know this is rarely discussed but I will anyway mainly because this particular deodorant is very expensive and it promises the moon and the stars. It could just be me and my body hormones but it could also be the product and since I did say I will write about personal experiences here, this is what I will really do.

I did not like the Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspiration Deodorant at all. I tried this product simply because I was obsessed about getting whiter underarms before my wedding without subjecting to laser means. I have read from somewhere that the darker your skin is, the more heat it will absorb from the laser and the more prone you will be to getting burned. I do not know how true this is but I have seen people on the news complaining about laser operations that did not go very well.

Anyhow, I was really at Kiehl's to get their Creme de Corps but this product caught my attention and so I tried it even though it was really expensive for a deodorant. I tried it and while I did not smell, I still perspired much to my horror! I gave this product a chance and used it for one week and got the same horrid effect and so I never really got to finish the tube.

Another thing I do not like about this product is that this does not dry easily and the applicator is far from being easy to use.

Oh well... I think I will not be purchasing this product agian in this lifetime.