Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 Day Challenge Completed

I was able to finish my 21-day treatment on Advanced Night Recovery Complex and I have gotten compliments on my skin and how I looked like I was blooming. :) Ms skin is not in tiptop shape because i have not been getting enough sleep so you can just imagine how hard ANR works.

I am really a big fan. I know it's expensive but so far I have used my ANR bottle that costs 5,500Php for two 21-day cycles already and I still have some left. I am hoping it will give me another 21-day treatment. It is about the same price as a facial treatment except this one gives more dramatic results. It is unbelievable! I cannot use this again until after six months.

Now, I am wondering if I should use my Olay mask or if I should use Kiehl's overnight biological peel next.

I am still relishing my nice skin thanks to ANR. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sexy Chef

I have thought of doing something like this before but they thought of this first since they have been doing this since 2005. They deliver healthy food! I am talking about The Sexy Chef. They have Fit Meals and South Beach Diet Premier. I am not a fan of the South Beach Diet, I have never tried this. I have tried the five-day diet and the fat burning soup diets though. I could handle the icky food, I could not handle the preparation of the food. It's such a hassle. I was able to lose a lot of weight through these diets though. The Sexy Chef makes going on a diet easier because they deliver. I have not tried their services but I think it's worth a try. Who knows, maybe someday I will. The South Beach Diet Premier is 875Php per day so it's a bit expensive but the Fit Meals is 140Php per meal.

I do not know if I will ever be able to commit to a strict diet ever but I sure am doing some workout now and I can see its effects. It's taking a while but it feels good so I do not see myself stopping any time soon. It feels great to fit into my clothes again with less bulges. Emphasis on the word less *haha*!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shining, Shimmering Splendid!

Rating: 5/5
I went to Shoe Salon earlier and I just realized that I really like the FitFlop Electra on my feet! :) I will get it soon, maybe next, next month. I just bought a new pair of shoes! ;) I cannot be spending too much! My sister is scolding me already!

I finally, finally got myself a new gloss. L'oreal has discontinued my fave shade of GlamShine but I think I like the new one that I got. It's paler but still gives me the nice shine and the formula is still very light. The shade is 6H. I love it and I am wearing it now! :) I love how it is light and how easy it is to apply. They have made the wand of the applicator longer than the previous version so it's easier to use. I am not a fan of the smell though. Wish they could add some flavor to it or something. :) GlamShine sells for 675 Php. I got mine at SM.

Brow, Brow, Brow your Boat...

Rating: 5/5
I was also able to drop by MAC at Marionaud and I got myself a MAC Brow Set (brow gel) in clear. This should keep my eyebrows in line. ;) I hate it that it keeps on falling! I mean the way they really are is not very flattering for my eyes so I have to brush them up every once in a while. I am not the type of girl who checks on how she looks all the time so I need them to just stay after I brush them up. So far, I am very happy with MAC brow set. It has been hours since I have applied the Brow Set and my eyebrows have not budged, my forehead is not itching and most importantly, I feel very comfortable. MAC Brow Set sells for 875 Php at Marionaud.

Tonight, my sister asked me why I put on make-up. This is hardly every true now since I have not applied make-up for months already. I only apply gloss during special events now. I told her, when you grow older, like in two terms (because she is about to graduate) you will understand. :) Make-up makes me feel pretty and confident and that's all the reason I need. I told her.

I thought it was a nice question though. It made me think. ;)

I had fun shopping with my sister. :) I love hanging out with her!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FitFlops Part II


I posted here many months ago about my FitFlop Walkstar II in white purchase. I still love them to death and I practically wear them everyday whenever I can get away with it. I am planning to buy Electra in brown which I think is uber chic! Even Daphne Osena has a pair of Electra! :)

I have seen on their site that there are new designs to choose from. I am not sure if our climate will permit us to wear Gogh II but I kind of like it. I hope they come up with more designs suited for work! :)

FitFlops are available at The Shoe Salon, Res Toe Run and Kickers!

Monday, October 5, 2009

21 Day Challenge

I have started using my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery Concentrate. This is to be used for 21 straight days. I am trying to find out if this alone will give me good skin or if I need to get a series of facials to get it. This time around, I am using Olay Regenerist as moisturizer, no adverse reactions so far so maybe they are compatible. Last time, I used Estee Lauder's HydraComplete. I do not think this moisturizer is good enough for me though...

I will update you. Tried it last night, today, my skin is brighter. Hmm... We'll see what will happen in the next few days! :)

Still have not gone back to Bioessence. :) Very bad.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I think I did a pretty okay job on my eyebrows. I have no doubt that the pros at Propaganda would have done a better job but at least I did not have to go out into the rain. i learned that it's okay to pluck from the upper part of the eyebrow. I read it from one of the websites I have visited. Also the pencil can guide you in creating the arc. It should be 45 degrees with respect to your nose. I have learned that if I tug gently, it does not hurt as much but after all the plucking my head will ache. :) Remember to not wet your face after and always check your brows from a distance because you do not want to overpluck (I am coining the term :) ).

I need to comb my eyebrows up because their normal direction is down which ruins the shape of my brows. Which reminds me there used to be an eyebrow gel from Bench that I used to use. I should check out other brands. I stopped using this product because after a while it turns into something like dried glue on your brows and lashes if you put on too much. I will let you know if I find a good one. :) Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura and MAC has an eyebrow gel. I will see which one I will buy. :)

The wedding was great.It was typhoon free and I fit into my pink dress and my shoes matched my dress perfectly. I have to remember to always moisturize though because my skin is definitely parched. It's good I have with me still Kiehl's Creme of the Crop. I should really use that regularly. I am also back to Dove moisturizing bar so hopefully my skin will be able to recover.

I have not gone to Bioessence again, I know I should go back because I should have gone back weeks ago. I also need to get the result of my breast ultrasound from my checkup of a week ago. Make sure that you not only check on what's outside, check what's inside too and I am not just talking about your soul. A few months ago, the doctor discovered that I have a triple cluster cyst in my right breast. The last time the surgeon looked at it, he said he does not think it's malignant but he decided to let me get an ultrasound just to be sure. I hope to go there this week. Also, I have an up and coming third shot for the anti-cervical cancer vaccine of GSK. I have to check the date of that too. :)

All for now!

Have a great new week!

Friday, October 2, 2009

To Tweeze

But I am not going to Makati.

The rain is beginning to fall and it scares me that it is soh humid outside. I just went to the bank to deposit some checks that are about to get stale and really it felt like I was in a sauna. My skin (right after I took a bath) started feeling sticky *eww*. It is that humid!

When it is humid, rain is sure to follow. I hope that everyone will be able to take cover as this Pepeng or Parma typhoon is said to be really strong. I am still hoping that it will change its course though.

In the meantime, I will tweeze my eyebrows on my own.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Tweeze or Not To Tweeze

I do not know about you but I have not been gifted with perfect brows. I inherited my dad's brows and while they are thick and I do not have reasons to get them tattooed, they are rather bushy and well, they do not follow one direction. They pretty much reflect how I am.

I have tried plucking. This made me cry. Just to give you an idea, up until I was 24, my eyebrows remained untouched by tweezers or blade or thread. You can just imagine how long my visit at Propaganda took when they plucked my eyebrows. I highly recommend this place because for one, they pluck. Secondly, they do such a good job too. I plan to pay them a visit today if time will allow me so I can have my eyebrows fixed. *imagines excruciating pain!* I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I plan to get pedi and mani too... Hmm... wonder how and when I will do that.

I have also tried threading at Franck Provost and well, that did not turn out well. I think the shape of my eyebrows is too hard to shape. So no more threading for me from now on. I think I will go to Makati today. Hmm... wonder if my will power can get me there and if the rains will not be too hard. Of course I can just opt to pluck them on my own. Maybe I will just do that. That is after all, more convenient for me.

The prices vary but if I remember correctly I paid 500 Php at Propaganda. This has been a while though. As in a long, long while. :)