Monday, December 27, 2010


Today, I had my first encounter at the Facial Care Centre.

I went there because I wanted to have my warts removed. Last year, I went to Bioessence. I am not sure if I already blogged about that experience, it was really okay, I just wanted to try out a new place this time around. Bioessence's service was good, what I did not like was the place, it was rather cramped so this year, I thought I would try Facial Care Centre. My mom suggested the place last night as she was trying to dissuade me from getting my warts cauterized.

I called up their hotline and they booked me for an appointment. They sounded pushy but I did not mind since I was really planning to get my treatment at FCC.

I got to the Makati branch an hour earlier than my appointment. Parking btw is available at the GT Tower, 9th floor. Parking is free if you are a client but I digress. I asked if I can make my appointment an hour earlier and they allowed me to do this. During the consultation I was asked what products I was using. After that, the consultant asked me to sit in a chair (just an ordinary chair) and she got a light (the ones used for facials), inspected my face and noted the warts that I wanted removed along with a fatty deposit thing that I thought was a wart, this was the main reason why I really went. Anyway, she started talking about not the wart removal procedure but the facials. I told her I was not planning on getting facials before I get the warts removed. She said that I need cleaning first before the warts are removed. My eyebrows, involuntarily went up.

When you have warts, you have to be careful not to make them bleed because they will spread this way. I let her continue. She went on with diamond peel saying that I need it. I told her I am not comfortable with the idea of peeling my skin. She still tried to make me agree with her but I stood my ground. She then offered me with laser tone. She said it will heal my wart scabs faster. I knew this was not true but I really wanted my skin to be more toned so I agreed with this. She gave the wart removal treatment for free but in lieu of the wart removal payment, I had to pay for the laser tone treatment. The price was more or less the same as Bioessence.

The place was nice and comfortable. The facial was okay, of course the cleaning was painful but things do not come easy I guess. The laser tone did not feel a thing. There was just a wand that was going over my face, that was it.

As for the results, I really do not know because I have nothing but scabs right now. I hope to be able to see the results soon.

I have a laser tone treatment again tomorrow at 1330. They say it will make my scabs heal faster. I just want my skin toned.