Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going to the Market! Market!

Yesterday, I went to The Fort to get my mom a Mango Bravo Conti's cake. While there, I decided to explore Market!Market! Since the High Street shops were still closed. I came across a PX Store at the ground floor that sold Bath and Body works hand soap and lo and behold they still have the Twisted Peppermint from the Winter Collection. I am a big sucker for the winter collection. This like the candy canes that you can buy from the stores except that it's soap and won't make you fat.

It reminds me of my Christmases from way back! I got it of course, it was priced at 380Php and then I was given the hand soap for 350Php (without haggling!). I did not pay for it right away, I continued to look around and then the shopkeeper said I could have it for 350Php. Next time I would know that I can haggle and I really will. They have not seen the last of me *wahaha*.

BTW, I mentioned before that SM offered some of the Bath and Body Works items, Market!Market! Department Store also offers them and they have a wide array of products to choose from. They sell the PocketBacs for 210Php and the body lotion for almost 500Php if my memory serves me right. They also have Victoria's Secret products but am not a fan because I have only tried their lip gloss and was not impressed.

If you're a fan of either brands, this should be good news because you will not have to pay for shipping fees and you will not have to wait for soh long to get the product that you want! *yey*

Monday, June 29, 2009

PocketBac to the Future

Rating: 4/5

To all those who are fans of Bath and Body Works, some SM department store branches now sell Bath and Body Works products. The hand soap is 350 Php per bottle. Sorry, forgot the price for the other stuff but they have lotion and body splash as well. I did not buy yet though because they did not have the scent that I liked. Still, it's interesting to see them on the shelves of SM! *yey*

Due to the A(H1N1) virus, most of us find ourselves applying alcohol or hand sanitizer more than once a day. I do too. A few weeks ago, before the Flu Scare, I used Bath and Body Works PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel Sanitizer. I got two bottles from my sister-in-law who got the bottles from her trip to the US. I was able to try Sweet Pea and the Winter Collection's Winter Candy Apple. Just as I have said in my review of the Winter Candy Apple Hand Soap, I love, love, looove the scent of this. The hand sanitizer has the wonderful smell as well. Some people actually think that I splashed on body cologne or something because it does smell good. Some people who are sensitive to smell or do not like layering perfume might not appreciate this though.

Sweet Pea on the other hand is exactly what its name suggests, sweet. I find that the fragrance is too sweet, however, the sanitizer is firt and foremost functional so who am I to not use it.

There are other scents available to suit your liking and if you are not a fan of scented hand sanitizers, they also come in unscented form. I have not seen this in the shelves of SM but I am sure you can find a lot of retailers on Multiply.

I like the packaging becaust it's small and will fit any purse. However, because the packaging is too small, they can only pack so much sanitizing liquid. This is why nowadays, I just use my good old plain alcohol.

Regardless of how we keep our hands clean, let's be vigilant to keep diseases at bay. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cherry Lips

Rating: 5/5

While I was in Athens,Greece, I discovered a line of natural cosmetics that I liked called Korres Natural Products. I bought a lip gloss from them and I totally loved the scent and the way it felt on my lips. I am very picky with lip glosses because I do not want very thick formulas as they tend to irritate my sensitive lips *feeling!*! Seriously though, I do get rashes.

I like the simple packaging that their products came in because they are light and easy to carry. The box was so cute too as it had a picture of a cherry, I am a sucker for cherry things. The tint has a cherry flavor and while I normally opt for unscented things, I love the scent of this gloss!

The drawback as in any lip gloss is that it does not last as long as you want it to. But then again, it's a lip gloss so let's cut it some slack.

Unfortunately their products are not yet available in the Philippines. If I get to go to France this September I will look for their line there. Unfortunately for me, Euros just went up to 69 to a Peso. *boo!*

You can read more about Korres Natural Products here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Face Shop Nailed It!

Rating: 5/5
Last Sunday my husband and I had some of my husband's relatives over because he wanted to show off our newly renovated kitchen. During the day, his aunt started fixing her nails. Seeing she did not have a bottle of polish, I offered some of mine. I mentioned last time that I got fixated with The Face Shop's nail polish shades and I got myself two that I think are my staples. For my hands, I use the pink shade that I have reviewed before in this blog and for my toes I use another shade because for some reason, my feet are darker than my hands. I use a brown shade for my toes. I loove this shade because even if the polish gets chipped, it is not obvious. In fact I get to wear it for weeks! I know, am such a sloth, I do not even bother to use acetone. I do not like acetone because I have this gnawing feeling that it damages my nails.

My aunt-in-law and mother-in-law loved the shade BR801! They used the shade for their hands though. I have not tried it on my hands because I love the pink shade and it really makes the diamond on my ring finger stand out more. :)

To achieve the lasting gloss on your nails make sure you use a top coat. The Face Shop's version is very easy to apply and quick to dry. I know because I can be the most impatient person. The nail polish is also easy to apply, I know because I am not at all skilled in nail polish application. Though I am beginning to learn that one must use very light strokes to achieve good application.

What I would really like to rave about these bottles of nail polish is that, they are still so easy to apply, did not dry at all after more than eight months in storage! I used to have other brands and they dry up after a few months in storage! These bottles fetch for less than a hundred bucks too, so I think they are really worth every centavo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Revitalash Lust

RevitaLash is a product from the US that had the Hollywood celebs including Oprah, raving about it because according to them it can make your eye lashes longer and thicker. For those who have considered eye lash extensions like me, this is a wonderful alternative. I used to want eye lash extensions but I soon realized that sooner or later they will come off along with the real ones. The last thing I want is to be void of eye lashes! *faints* So when I read about this, I could not help but be excited about this product. It sells for 150$ a pop in the US.

I just might get on the bandwagon. I have been thinking about this for a while now and last week I finally inquired. I found out the product if more pricey here than in the States and I knew then and there that I had to give this more thought. I have not stopped thinking about this product and I find myself wanting this more and more.

I wonder if I should give in to my lust for Revitalash...

I think I need help. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Rating: 3/5
I have purchased (finally!) the Olay Regenerist moisturizers. They come in two varieties the day cream and the night cream. The day cream has SPF 15 while the night cream is supposed to have more active ingredients. The containers are very similar but the creams differ in color. The night cream is light purple while the day cream is light pink (or something to that effect). You can buy each tub for 999 Php.

The containers are in gray, they're heavy so not really nice if you are traveling but it's nice to look at. It has a feel of luxury to it. I just do not like the idea that you have to dip your finger in the tub. I think it's not hygienic.

I have been using them for three weeks because I ran out of my Dramatically Different Clinique moisturizer and I have been dying to know what this line has to offer. I used to use Olay Total Effects with SPF 15 before I shifted to Estee Lauder HydraComplete. In fact the only memory I have of why I shifted is because I wanted to use all Estee before the wedding. I also remember that my face used to get oily with Olay. I still think that Olay is too rich for my skin because I have some little bumps on my skin (I get these when my gunk is too rich, this happens to my lips too!). The only reason why I am still using this is because I think it is making my skin firmer and tighter.

I will be posting more feedback once I notice more changes. BTW, I still use my Shiseido SPF 50 on top of the SPF 15 because I am paranoid. :) I also find the scent too overpowering.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Balm, Balm, Balm

Rating: 5/5
I have been given a Murad Soothing Lip Therapy tube last Christmas for some services I have availed of in Murad. I just started using it last month and I must say, I am loving it. I like it better than Kiehl's granted that Kiehl's has SPF 15 and Murad does not.

I am not using the balm religiously but when I do get cracked, dry lips, I apply this tube of yellow gunk and voila, the following day, my lips are unbelievably smooth again! It's like magic. I like the formula because it's light. My lips get rashes. Yes. I know, I am weird like that but this formula does not cause me to rash so it's good enough for those who have sensitve puckers! Yey!

It does not have a scent and you can layer on top of it lipstick because when you put it on it's like a clear gloss.

The packaging is light and when you press it, it dispenses just the right amount! I am in love with a balm yet again! It's perfect for our rainy season when we tend to get cracked lips!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pharmacy At Hand, Online

There is an online pharmacy in UK that actually delivers to your doorstep! How grand is that?! No more waiting in line and no need to feel embarassed about whatever it is you're purchasing, absolute confidentiality!

The name of the pharmacy is Pharmacy At Hand and it offers products from medicine to cosmetics! Of course you had to know that this is where everything on this blog is going! Anything about beauty gunk! *snickers* Anyway, they also feature products from the Vichy Laboratories. This brand has been making waves in the US and has been featured by big magazine names. I have not tried their product yet but they are offering a wide variety of products like make-up, cleansers and toners and special foundation for those who have flaws that they need to hide!

I am not very fond of concealers because often, you cannot find the exact match for your skin tone. I am also not very good at blending make-up. Vichy offers a product called Dermablend which can last for eight hours and can hide flaws as extreme as burns and as minor as freckles! This has a matte finish and is easy to apply. You can buy this online thorugh Pharmacy At Hand so you need not fall in line to get your refill. Of course for first timers, I would suggest you purchase this at a store so you can try the colors.

Another product of Vichy Laboratories are the usual line of make-up, cleansers and toners. The nice thing about their make-up is that they provide corrective formulae in the make-up. They have anti-wrinkle foundation, anti-imperfection and other things that promise so much more than just adding color to your face. I would love to try these products in the future so I can review them here. :) Imagine putting on make-up and making your face look great!