Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Hate Bags!

Rating: 5/5
I love my bags but I just hate, hate eye bags especially when they are so dark! Last Christmas, I blogged about the loot I got from a LuxAsia sale. I was able to sequester a package of three Strivectin products, an anti-oxidant, Strivectin SD and Strivectin SD for the eye orbital area. I have not tried the other two but I have tried (without the right patch test mind you, a four year old has more E.Q. than I do) Strivectin SD for the eye orbital area.

I have been using the product for a month now and my husband noticed that my undereyes are not as dark anymore. I have noticed this too. He was even asking me yesterday what my secret was. I told him to go visit my blog to find out *snickers*. I have stopped using Clinique for the eyes and just used Strivectin for the last four weeks. I can say that it reduced the puffiness of my eyes and it did lighten the color of my undereyes. It did not however, (I think) soften the lines. I do not have very recognizable lines but if I look closely in the mirror, I do. They're from smiling too much. Some people do not smile too much because they do not want lines on their faces, I do not get that hehe....

I would want to get another tube of Strivectin definitely because I really do think it works. I still have a lot of this gunk because it is a concentrated formula, you just have to use it sparingly. Like a small dot per undereye. I will be on the look out for another LuxAsia sale though, I will let you know if there is one.

The packaging is a fuss free simple plastic tube. I like that when you press it, it does not dispense so much. There is no scent which I love because I do not like layering different scents on my skin. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Candy Bubbles

Rating: 5/5

I have reviewed Creamy Candy Bubble Bar of Lush before but I got to use it last night and I cannot help but rant(am so used to ranting hehe) rave about it. :)

I got to try the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar last night and I used up an entire bar. It was unnecessary because really a bar is too much!!! I had mountains of bubbles overflowing from the tub. The water needs to be moving though to create more bubbles. If you are just using ordinary faucet it might be difficult to create bubbles, you must use another tool, say a movable shower head.

The water smelled really fine and the suds are just soh fine and relaxing. It feels like the bubbles are massaging your body. Soh much better than a massage I have to say. :) My husband loved the bubbles too!

There are other bubble bars available at Lush but this one is my favorite! I have another bar that I got, it's glittery and it's red! :)

I cannot wait to use it. I might this Saturday! :)

Honey Bubbles

Rating: 4/5

Ilog Maria is a bee farm in Silang, Cavite. You can see a sign leading towards it at Aguinaldo Hi-way on your left if you are going to Tagaytay. You need to travel a bit from the Hi-way because they're a bit far from the main road.

When you get to the farm, you will see honey products in abundance! They also used to sell very sweet mangoes. I have tried their lip balm and I loved it, so did my ex-boyfriend (now my husband). I have reviewed their lip balm already so I will be reviewing their shampoo instead.

The shampoo suds are nowhere near the ordinary shampoos because there is always none however, I love how it feels on my scalp because there is peppermint. This can wake you up in the sleepiest of days. You should add calamansi too to condition your hair. The shampoo tends to not make your hair soft but your hair will feel squeaky clean after. I tend to use up so much of this because there are no suds so I keep on putting more and more on my hair.

I do not recommend this to be used everyday but I think it will be great to use once in a while to remove shampoo and other hair product residue. :)The shampoo is also to promote hair growth. I do not know if I did grow more hair because I have thick curly hair hehe... Hard to tell if I grew more hair. :) It sells for 154Php on their website. It should be cheaper from the bee farm.

To all Ilog Maria fans, I just found out that R.O.X. at the Fort offers Ilog Maria products. Of course they're way more expensive but I think it's the easiest way to acquire them. You may also order online from their website.

Monday, May 25, 2009

No Good Block

No not sunblock, site blocks.

I have not been able to blog because was blocked from our office. After five requests, they have unblocked *yehey*! And soh, am back! :)

I am happy to share that my skin is back to normal. In fact, I just had a Vitamin C facial at Murad just the other day and I was just told that my skin was a bit dry but apart from that there is nothing wrong with it.

The facial technician gave me a massage and my shoulder really hurt as she gave me a massage. She said it was because I am soh stressed. She thinks it's also the reason why my skin and even my lips (in spite, tons of water intake) are dry.

I love the smell of Murad facial during and after. :)

I think it's really a good deal to buy so many at once because you get to have a good price, it's almost less than 1K per facial.

I decided to give my husband one of my facials and eye treatments and he enjoyed it. I am not sure if his skin had adverse reactions yet but this morning, his skin had some pimples. I will check again later and update you. :) Next time, I have to ask the Murad people as to what type of treatment they gave him.

Tonight I might have a Lush bubble bath so I will tell you more about it later on. :)

I have also been doing fun runs lately. I am still at the 5 KM level. Hopefully, I will be able to move on to 10 Km someday. I have lost half an inch around my waist so I think it's good exercise. :)