Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Under Cover

Rating: 3/5

I bought MAC Select Cover-Up to cover up my under eyes. I was thrilled at first but I found that the make-up tends to crack after a while. Aside from this, I am not sure if I got the right shade. I am really not good at finding the right shade for me. Also, I think this was not enough to cover up my under eyes. I have not used this for a really long time, I cannot even recall why I just gave up on using it. I guess I was worried about tugging too much on my under eye. That, and I have started using the Strivectin SD for the under eye. I have blogged about that here. This product can act as a part concealer as well. Not a full coverage but I guess I did not want to combine them.

This fetches for less than 1000 Php. It's pretty reasonable for a concealer I think.

Rating: 3/5

I actually have a Shiseido Compact Concealer. I think this is a really cute and handy compact for those who can blend make-up. I am an ignoramus at blending things so I was not able to really use this much. I tried but I just could not really blend it properly. On most days my under eye was too bright. Not really the kind of look I was going for. *haha* I just had to stop using this product altogether. This fetches for more than 2K I think. It comes with a brush and a really pretty compact. :)

Concealing Lust

I was reading the paper from yesterday ( I know I did not have time to read it until now, give me a break. :) ) and saw these two new products that I am dying to give a try. I have had been having problems with dark under eyes since forever and I have been on the lookout for good concealers. I have tried YSL Touche Eclat and I think it is good but the consistency is not that smooth and I am afraid I will have to tug on my under eye skin a lot. I also have a MAC concealer from the tube that I believe I have blogged about before. My problem is that this does not blend well on my skin and it cracks after a while. There are two new products:

The MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer is water resistant and they say this would work for scars, redness, uneven skin tone and under eyes. I am drawn to it too... They say it looks like it's not even there and that it does not crack. Since this is MAC i bet this is priced reasonably too. It sells for 16.50 USD on the net so maybe it's less than 1K here. :)

I got this video from YouTube, it's a demo on how to use the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer.

Another product is La Mer's Radiant Concealer. They say this is lightweight and the consistency is very easy to apply so this does not require you to tug too hard on your under eye skin. This adds natural brightness to the under eye. Since this is La Mer, I am anticipating that this would cost more. This retails for 65 USD on the net. I figure this would cost around 5K here. Luxury tax tends to really get the price really high. Boo. I wonder though if they have shades for the Asian skin.