Saturday, June 12, 2010


Rating: 5/5

In my last trip to Duty Free when I came back from The Netherlands I bought many bottles of Shiseido Sunblock for the face and body and Shiseido Sunblock for the Face all SPF 50. I swear by their sunblock and my mom does too. We are both addicts and so I stocked up when I found out that Duty Free sells them cheaper than the Shiseido boutiques in Manila.

I digress... My topic for tonight is my Shiseido the Skincare Night Essential Moisturizer. I love how it is not greasy and goes on light on my skin after using my Shiseido Skin Softener (toner). It has a nice smell like the ones in the Skincare line. It gets absorbed easily and mine has been around for months now.

I like how my skin looks, Shiseido does not perform miracles but it does help my skin I think and so I will buy myself another bottle surely after I empty my moisturizer. This is better than the Olay Regenerist Night Time Moisturizer that I tried in the past. Or am I just biased? No. I will not try Olay on my left side of the face and Shiseido on the right side of my face. Not for vanity and not for Science.

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