Saturday, July 4, 2009

Poor Pores...

Rating: 1/5

I have always been obsessed with making my pore size look smaller. Fact is, there is no way to make it smaller than it already was when you were born but... if your pores are harboring dirt and grime then they may look bigger and darker than they are. When I heard about Shiseido's Pureness line's Pore Minimizer Cooling Essence I thought it was the miracle that my brother and I were looking for. Not.

It did nothing for our skin. I am a Shiseido fan but this product did absolutely nothing. We never got to finish the tube because it does not work.

You might tell me, I did not use the Pore Purifying Warming Scrub that's why it did not work. Not. We bought the two tubes and much to our dismay, they were both useless. It did not even feel warm on my skin. I really think both products did a lousy job. Its only saving grace (not really enough to save it ) is its smell. It smells nice.

If you want an effective way to reduce the size of pores use the Estee Lauder Idealist line. I guarantee you that it will work because it worked for me. I mean really, the result was fantastic. I used it months before my wedding day and everyone (while I was using the line) complimented me about how nice my skin was. :)

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