Saturday, August 6, 2011

Defying Gravity

Rating: 5 2/5

I just found out that petroleum and mineral oil are bad for the skin. They just stay there atop the skin and they just worsen things, these products will make you older!!! Never going Jergens again! I checked the bottle and found out this contained all these things.

My staple lotion right now is, believe it or not, Jergen's Age Defying lotion. I am now 31 and I recognize that I have to apply lotion as often as I can. I have not been faithfully doing this but I am trying *hehe!*. I find it time consuming to apply lotion but this lotion has kept my skin moisturized and my bank account happier. :) When I do not have the time, I slather the lotion on my breasts because I really think it is important that they are moisturized. :)
This lotion is very cheap, economical and hygienic because of the dispenser. My siblings are also happy because this does not have a strong scent. I have finished two giant bottles of this and today I am going to go out to get another giant bottle. :)

Since this is a lot cheaper than Kiehl's or even Body Shop, do not expect the results to be as immediate but in the long run, it will really moisturize your skin.

For those in search of an everyday lotion, I highly recommend this.

I have emptied two giant bottles and now I realize that I was soh wrong!!! 
Really sorry about this. 

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