Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

Rating: 4/5

Last week I went to Boracay so two days before I went, I went to the salon. The rain would not let up so instead of going to Strip: The Ministry of Waxing in Makati, I ended up going to LayBare Salon at the Mall of Asia. I was worried that they might double dip but I was relieved when I found out their wax are already pre-packed in small containers. They use honey so they have blobs of sticky honey in the container and this is what is used for the client. I only had my underarms did because I think the honey wax would hurt if used for a Brazilian. That and, well... I did not think I would be able to go to the beach as often as I did last March because I was master of ceremonies a the conference which meant I was cooped up in the session hall for most parts. Now in hindsight though... I think I did the right thing *haha!*!

I also had my tummy done so it is smooth and fuzz free. I do not have a hairy tummy but I do not like the baby hair showing. :) The wax got almost all my underarm hair but there were still baby hair in my tummy after the treatment hence the rating.

The technician was very friendly but I think she was not very professional. The technicians outside (those who were not doing much) were also very noisy outside so the place did not seem relaxing. The Strip provides more privacy and is more quiet and more relaxing. I do not think I would ever opt for a Brazilian at a place other than The Strip. LayBare's rates are so much cheaper though. They only charge 150Php for waxing of underarms.

I am also considering getting underarm hair removal treatment using diodes. I might go to Makati Medical Center because they are just charging 4,192Php per session and I am sure there will be doctors there. Facial Care Center can give me 50% discount and I will be able to get 8 sessions for only 28,000Php but the technicians there will not be doctors. I think I prefer Makati Medical Center. If you are planning to get yours done, do not pluck or wax for weeks. For now I am not plucking... I am still thinking about this still actually. I do not know what to do yet. :)

I will keep you posted! :)

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