Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Rating: 5/5

I have been using the Sunflower Beauty Oil for a month now. I did not want to try it on my face yet because I am also a tad bit skeptic about it. Also, I have other products that I use at night so I am not using it on the face yet.

However, I have been using it on my elbows, knees and underarms. The Sunflower Beauty Oil has been found to have moisturizing, whitening among other really good effects on the skin. Some have used it for the hair to make hair smoother, some have used it for skin irritations and have found this product to be effective. This is the best selling product of Human Nature. I know, I just recently wrote about their cleansing oil that is also made of Sunflower by the way, but I really like their products so expect more reviews on their products soon. Also, they are soh affordable! :) The same triathlete friend who recommended me the brand, recommended me this product. He (note that he is straight and now happily married) uses this product on his elbows and knees so I did the same. In just one application, you will feel the difference. My elbows, which are always soh dry because while I like to stock up on lotion I really do not get to apply regularly, became smoother. Over a period of a month, my elbows are now whiter. My knees are so soft... maybe making them lighter was not a good idea because now I can see my scars from the past. Literally. I am not trying to sound dramatic. The oil claims that it can fade stretch marks too, maybe they can fade scars as well? :)

It is supposed to lighten undereyes as well but I am yet to find out. As for my underarms that have become so dry because of the wipes that I have been using on them (this should be another review), they are now smoother. Not yet as fair as I want them to be but definitely at least one shade lighter. 

This comes in a bottle that spritzes so it is hygienic. It does not have a scent so it will not layer on your other products. This gets absorbed in a few minutes. This is oil so it will leave markings on sheets and other linens so try not to get the product all over the place. The dispenser is easy to use so this will not happen if you are not me. :) This is 129.00Php for a 50ML bottle and 249.00Php for a 100ML bottle. I have both bottles but I have only started using the 50ML bottle. I have been using this every night for a month and notice how I still have so much thanks to the economical dispenser. 

Overall, I really like this product and I will definitely order this again. 

I have recently started using it on my toes but this is just too recent for me to write results on that. Also, my toes are super dry as well so I am yet to find out if this can do magic on them. Maybe I need to scrub them first. :)  

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