Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty Blog

Not because I'm pretty but because I would like to be *bwahaha*! Seriously, I have tried so many creams and beauty gunk that I thought maybe I should start writing about them so that all the money I have invested on the gunks I have ever bought may not be put in vain. While some of the products ended up hurting my face, at least I know there will be less victims out there because I warned them. :) This blog will not just be about beauty gunk, it will also be about spas that I have tried, boutiques and other things.

Today I will not be blogging on anything yet but I am thinking about blogging about things I tried while I was preparing for my wedding day. I recently got married last July 5, 2008 and I think all the things I invested on were worth it, or so I think.

I am no expert, the field I am in cannot be farther from cosmetology than Earth is to Pluto but I will share actual experiences from an actual person who, like everyone else, just wants a whip of miracle from that cute little tub from the make-up bar.

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