Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beauty Within

Sorry about slacking but I was away for a while because I had to attend a conference in Thailand, an hour from Bangkok. I spent my first three days there and my last three days I spent in Bangkok.

Knowing that I will be exposed to the sun most of the time and knowing that my skin will burn under the sun from walking too much, I brought along my Shiseido SPF 50 PA+++ however, I was to lazy to use some for my body *hehe*. I was assured though in knowing that I took a capsule of Murad's Pomegranate capsule that is supposed to enhance my skin's natural protection. Now whether it did work or not is not very obvious to me yet. One thing is for sure though, I will give it a shot.

After binging before, during and after my Bangkok trip, I think I have to hit the gym again and maybe the pool. Yep, after so many months of abstinence, I think I am hungry for chlorine again...

Hmm... I have to find all my swim gear. :)

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