Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Butter Banter

Rating: 2/5

Some time ago while I was still into swimming (too lazy now *hohum*)I tried the Olive Body Butter of The Body Shop. I tried it for a while just to really give it a chance but to no avail. It did not help my dry skin and it did not smell good either. It was just gunk I was putting on my skin after swimming that makes me stink more. Our pool is an indoor one so they use more chlorine, as a result, after taking a bath, you still wreak of the chlorine scent.

I did not throw my tub of gunk though, instead, I used it for my feet! And it worked nicely, it left my feet soft (back then, now I am too lazy to do this too, this and because I have no old socks to ruin *hehe*). All I had to do was to apply lotion and to wear a pair of thick socks and leave them overnight. If you try this, you do not even have to try foot spa anymore.

I actually think that foot spa was bad for me because what you take out of your feet will just grow back and rough skin will replace the once smooth skin. It's our feet's way of coping with the stress it has to face. If you slough it, it will get replaced by thicker skin to protect your feet. *tsk*

So, if you are into lotion for the heck of it, maybe getting a better smelling butter will be great. The Mango butter smells delicious. :)

For now, I think I will stick to Kiehl's as I think this works for me.

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