Saturday, September 12, 2009


Lux has not made an appearance here in the Phililppines for a loong time but not in other countries.

Some years ago, I have purchased Lux with Collagen in Thailand. I do not think this is available here in the Philippines but I still have some boxes in storage so I decided to use one of the bars. I love the smell and the shape as it is shaped differently for massage purposes. I do not know if collagen had to do with my arms slimming down or if it had anything to do with me having dinner earlier now and being able to run more regularly... Anyway, using this soap made my skin really dry. As such, I have decided not to use the soaps anymore. Such a waste, I lugged them all the way to Pinas from Thailand before. Oh well... I am not sure if this soap will have the same effect on you as one of my colleagues loves this soap so much, she asked me to buy so many of them while we were in Thailand. :) As for me, I'm de-luxing. :)

I do not really experiment much with soap because I really like Dove. Sometimes though, my curiosity gets the best of me and I try new things that only end up disappointing me. :) More on soaps later on... Forgot to write about soaps when in fact I have tried so many. Most of them from Lush. I mean if you're going to experiment why not go for products that are organic and au natural. I also have tried soaps from Ilog Maria. More on that next time.

This is it for now. Gosh, I love blogging on Mac *haha*. I just really had to say that no? It's just so different. I have to go back to my experiments though... my Vaio is dying. Experiment has been running on it overnight and it is still not done. I better get this Mac to do some too.


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