Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have been very busy the past few days cramming in between my PhD and other things. I know... excuses again right? I was even supposed to go to France but I had to pass up because processing all the requirements was just too stressful already. In between all the work I was able to finally rid myself of fugly stuff on my body. As embarrassing as it may be... warts. I have been very embarrassed to actually get some help but I have noticed that it has been getting worse so last week I went to Bioessence and had them removed.

The first step was getting diagnosis. The doctor checks your face, neck, chest and back for warts and then she refers you to a technician who will then apply topical anesthesia to the affected areas. You then wait for the topic ointment to work (my wait was about an hour or so). After the long wait, the technician will return with a device that will burn the wart. During this process, it will not hurt if the anesthesia was properly applied. Do not expect that this will be the case on all warts because it's not, definitely there will be cases where you will pain a tolerable amount of pain (at least in my case). After all warts have been burned, you would look a bit like a chicken pox victim. They will then give you post wart ointment that you will apply twice a day and an anti-wart soap that you have to leave on for two minutes. After three to four days, the scabs (that look like black moles) will fall off. In my case some are still on me and it has been six days but am not panicking... yet.

It was a bit costly but after all this time, I am only happy I do not have to worry about them anymore. They accept cards at Bioessence so this makes paying them convenient. The staff was very professional and I did not feel embarrassed at all.

I hope this will help those who are worried about these warts. You do not have to feel embarrassed at all nor should you suffer from humiliation as well because you can get rid of them and it does not even hurt that much. :)

I normally blog using my beloved Vaio but tonight, I am happy to say that I am using my brand new MacBook Pro that I got for a project I am doing! :) *woot*

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