Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Under Cover

Rating: 3/5

I bought MAC Select Cover-Up to cover up my under eyes. I was thrilled at first but I found that the make-up tends to crack after a while. Aside from this, I am not sure if I got the right shade. I am really not good at finding the right shade for me. Also, I think this was not enough to cover up my under eyes. I have not used this for a really long time, I cannot even recall why I just gave up on using it. I guess I was worried about tugging too much on my under eye. That, and I have started using the Strivectin SD for the under eye. I have blogged about that here. This product can act as a part concealer as well. Not a full coverage but I guess I did not want to combine them.

This fetches for less than 1000 Php. It's pretty reasonable for a concealer I think.

Rating: 3/5

I actually have a Shiseido Compact Concealer. I think this is a really cute and handy compact for those who can blend make-up. I am an ignoramus at blending things so I was not able to really use this much. I tried but I just could not really blend it properly. On most days my under eye was too bright. Not really the kind of look I was going for. *haha* I just had to stop using this product altogether. This fetches for more than 2K I think. It comes with a brush and a really pretty compact. :)

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