Friday, November 26, 2010

Revital Review

Rating: 5/5

I used Shisedo Revital EX 1 as I would a toner. I used it after cleansing and then after which I applied my Night Moisture Recharge of Shiseido The Skincare line. I liked that it is very light (like applying water). Also, This got absorbed by the skin quickly and so I did not have to wait a long time before I applied my night moisturizer. There is no scent so it does not layer with my moisturizer's very subtle scent. The packaging is rather heavy as it is in a bottle and also, it is not very economical since you just poured the liquid out, there is no dispenser. Also, the lack of economy is partly my fault because I do not like using cotton, I just directly apply the "lotion". The term lotion is a misnomer because it is not thick at all, its consistency is that of hmm... water. :)

I felt my skin more taut and firm as I used this product. Sadly, I am out of this product and it is a bit on the pricey side. I got mine free from Hong Kong's Lane Crawford boutique. Wish they gave me more though...

I asked from Shiseido boutiques here in the Philippines and was surprised that they actually have the Revital line. I was scolded however because the sales associate said I was too young to be using this. I was looking for they Shiseido Revital Eye Mask which I will blog about next time.

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