Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 Tone

Wow... I never bothered to check the stats until today and I was amazed by the number of people who actually read this blog *haha*! I was inspired to write another article needless to say. I will try to post more reviews now that I know people are actually reading this!

I shared last time about my visit at the Facial Care Center in Makati to get a wart removal treatment. I got the wart removal treatment for free but I had to get some other services for a fee. I got two collagen facials and I think, 12 laser tone treatments. I have not been religiously going there what with the high gas price and all but last week I went to Makati Med for a check-up and so I decided to drop by at FCC before going home. I got myself a facial.

I like their facials because they really meticulously clean your face of the blemishes. Also, after the facial I used one of my laser tone treatments. The following day, my mother noticed the change in my face immediately. She said my face was smoother. I also noticed how much firmer it was so I guess the facial and the laser tone work!

FCC is nice because you need not pay for parking. Even if you stay there the whole day, they will not charge you because they have their slots reserved for customers. Also, you are not supposed to tip the technicians because they have a no tipping policy. I think this is nice because you need not worry about how much to give them. The place is clean and I feel everything is kept hygienic so I feel somehow safe here.

What I absolutely abhor about FCC are their agents who will hound you with different offers on treatments. I think they have to be very aggressive so they can meet their quota. The annoying thing is, when you start asking about technical things, I feel they are unable to give convincing answers. Some answers even contradict with previous answers. As a result, I just decide not to avail of any offers. Which is a good thing for my pocket *hehe!*.

Recently, I purchased from a treatment at the Zen Institute at the Fort. I will tell you about it after I have tried it.


ai said...

Hi! I am considering to have a wart removal and also facial services from FCC. I would like to ask if you know how much is their price range for these services? Or how much did it cost you in availing the services they suggested you to try? Thank you so much for your help!:) and more power to your blog! this really helps! :)

ai said...

an additional inquiry: what do you think is the more advisable for warts removal and facial treatment, Bioessence or FCC? thank you so much! :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Hello! So sorry for the late reply. I am a bit of a delinquent. Bioessence is cheaper because they just let you specify what you want done. They won't push things to you. However, I find FCC more hygeinic. Please read my review of Bioessence. Wart removal is free at FCC but they will sell you different packages. You may haggle if yiu find the price too steep. Do not be inimodated by their agents :) They allow deffered payments and services paid foray be availed of any time. They do not expire. Prices vary so I cannot give you the quote.