Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lip Service

Rating: 5/5
The lip balm that I am super addicted to right now is the Shiseido lip balm. It is in a silver tube and is orange in color. My lips have not cracked since I started using this. Unfortunately, this is only available in Japan. This is made in Japan and is super effective. I am sorry I keep on using the word super but this is really the best word that can think of. To give you an idea, I finished the tube that I got last October to the last gunk hehe... From tube I turned it into mush so I can still use it *hehe*! This does not have a strong scent and is very light. I do not use ot before sleeping, I only apply it before applying lip color.
A tube costs around 500Php. It is not that bad for a Shiseido product. Mine lasted for eight months.

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