Monday, May 25, 2009

No Good Block

No not sunblock, site blocks.

I have not been able to blog because was blocked from our office. After five requests, they have unblocked *yehey*! And soh, am back! :)

I am happy to share that my skin is back to normal. In fact, I just had a Vitamin C facial at Murad just the other day and I was just told that my skin was a bit dry but apart from that there is nothing wrong with it.

The facial technician gave me a massage and my shoulder really hurt as she gave me a massage. She said it was because I am soh stressed. She thinks it's also the reason why my skin and even my lips (in spite, tons of water intake) are dry.

I love the smell of Murad facial during and after. :)

I think it's really a good deal to buy so many at once because you get to have a good price, it's almost less than 1K per facial.

I decided to give my husband one of my facials and eye treatments and he enjoyed it. I am not sure if his skin had adverse reactions yet but this morning, his skin had some pimples. I will check again later and update you. :) Next time, I have to ask the Murad people as to what type of treatment they gave him.

Tonight I might have a Lush bubble bath so I will tell you more about it later on. :)

I have also been doing fun runs lately. I am still at the 5 KM level. Hopefully, I will be able to move on to 10 Km someday. I have lost half an inch around my waist so I think it's good exercise. :)


sharp mind said...

Some hard and true facts about scars. Scars occur when the thick layer of our skin (the dermis layer) is damaged. However, scars need not be permanent. Research has confirmed that the MOST EFFECTIVE way to reduce scar is actually applying CONCENTRATED Vitamin E to the skin to increase collagen and nourish the skin.

Using other methods eg. Chemicals, surgery and others do not work. Those may seem faster BUT short term solutions with lots of side effects!!! Try and GET hold of some serum with very very high concentrated Vitamin E. Doesn't matter which brand as long as it contains natural Vitamin E. Most products will not have high Vitamin E because the ingredient is expensive.

If you need a suggestion, one product I tried recently that works is Natur E which you can find at Let me know if it does work for you.

shatzlaine said...

i envy,. almost everything is blocked in our ffice too,. since we spend most of our time at the office, it's hard for me to update my blogg often..