Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Candy Bubbles

Rating: 5/5

I have reviewed Creamy Candy Bubble Bar of Lush before but I got to use it last night and I cannot help but rant(am so used to ranting hehe) rave about it. :)

I got to try the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar last night and I used up an entire bar. It was unnecessary because really a bar is too much!!! I had mountains of bubbles overflowing from the tub. The water needs to be moving though to create more bubbles. If you are just using ordinary faucet it might be difficult to create bubbles, you must use another tool, say a movable shower head.

The water smelled really fine and the suds are just soh fine and relaxing. It feels like the bubbles are massaging your body. Soh much better than a massage I have to say. :) My husband loved the bubbles too!

There are other bubble bars available at Lush but this one is my favorite! I have another bar that I got, it's glittery and it's red! :)

I cannot wait to use it. I might this Saturday! :)

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