Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Rating: 5/5

I have written so much about soaps but now I realize that I have neglected to write about a soap that I have used for literally, decades now. I am talking about none other than Dove. This choice has been reinforced by my Chemistry teacher who has tested the Ph Level of the soap and found out that it has the PH level nearest to our skin. He also tested other soaps and did not get as favorable a result as in the case of Dove.

I do not use the solid soap if I am traveling or swimming because it can get a bit messy. The soap tends to melt easily compared to other soaps so store the soap in a dry place. When traveling, save yourself from all the soap goo by bringing along the liquid soap. There is also a Dove body wash with beads that you can use for exfoliation. I have tried this and was not so happy with it because there is not as many bubbles and the beads are not as bountiful, I feel they're not even there. :)

Over the years, Dove soap has not failed me and I hope it won't fail you as well. :)


Madz said...

Hi, I too use Dove. My skin doesn't feel dry at all, I cringe when I have to use a soap other than Dove nowadays, you have a nice blog, been reading it for a while. :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Hey Madz! Thanks for reading my blog! I used to be that way about other soaps but now and then I decide to hurt my skin to satisfy my curiosity, I keep coming back to Dove though... It's a mainstay in my bath. :)

Madz said...

I know, it's fun to experiment at times :) but with regards to soap, I'll be sticking to Dove for a very long time.Ü