Friday, April 3, 2009

Am Back!

The Gunkee is back!

Whew! For a while there I did not think I would ever get through March. It has been a hectic two months for me but am back.

My skin is a disaster though. Just this February and March I have been to Bangkok, Dumaguete, Beijing, Phuket and then Bangkok again.Bangkok and Dumaguete burned my skin, Beijing got it dry and Phuket burned it some more. :) And no, I have not taken my Murad Pomegranate supplements faithfully.

I have shifted to Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder, which I will review soon. I just remembered that I have tried Neutrogena's Salicylic Acid for a while so I will review this too. I have been using a new shower cream of Bath and Body works called Velvet Rose so more on this too.

This is it for now though. :) Sorry, I need to catch my breath first from all the things I had to do. Actually, I still have much to do *hehe*.

See you very soon! :)

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