Monday, April 20, 2009


Summer is here and while it tends to rain every now and then do not be deceived. Wear sunblock! This is of course coming from a sunblock addict so you can choose to ignore this. :)

Summer is also the time when a lot of people tend to focus on removing stubborn hair. I have reviewed here Veet but it's really not a product that I like. In fact I think I have only used it a couple of times in the past. I was afraid it will burn my skin.

I have tried Sally Hansen's Washable Cold Wax Hair Removal Set as well. It's priced at around 500 Php per decent sized tube that comes with a calming lotion, spatula and roughly 25 cloth strips that are also big enough for the legs. I do not have much hair on my legs and I do not bother taking them out. My concern is the underarm area so I had to cut the sheets into smaller strips. The packaging says you can wash the strips but I am not a washer, am a thrower, nature forgive me. I just do not think it will work by washing. The strips do not look reusable.

Unlike other types of wax, the cold wax need not be melted. It's already in liquid form but to make it thinner you have to put it in warm water. After you warm it, you then apply it and use the cloth strips to take out the hair.

Anyway, The product always works best for me when it is new. I do not know why on the second use it is no longer as effective. I do not know if it's me or the product. You might ask me if I finished my first tube. I did not finish the first tube. It got punctured so I had to throw it out (nature please forgive me again) also the strips got lost for some reason. They got lost because after my second try, I gave up on it and then when I wanted to try again everything was missing. *snicker*

I bought the second tube and the same thing happened, the tube got punctured. It's either I am doing something wrong or their packaging sucks. I followed the instructions to the dot and so I am inclined to think that it's their packaging.

Waxing is a nice way to get rid of hair because hair grows back softer and thinner however, you have to grow them! Really long!!! I cannot do this so I do not use wax these days anymore.

If you can tolerate long hair for a while then waxing is definitely the way to go. I do not find it painful at all, at least for the underarms so if you are feeling dangerous, go and try waxing!

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