Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bubble Bliss

Rating: 5/5
I remember, when I was so stressed (and helplessly addicted to Lush products) with my masteral thesis, I decided to splurge on a Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar which costed, if I remember correctly around 300 Php. This is for just one bar. One bar that is meant to be used once. Being the thrift that I was, I decided to ground the Bubble Bar into pieces and just add little by little to the bath tub.

I did not even consume more than half of the Bubble Bar and I already had a mountain of bubbles in the tub. I am talking about soft, small, yummy-smelling bubbles all over the tub. The bubbles massaged me as I got into it. For maximum relaxation effects, use warm water and dim the lights of the bathroom if you can.

This took away my mind from my thesis until my fingers started to prune and I had to really get out of the tub of bubbles. So I rinsed and started thinking again about the recent obstacle in my then-masteral thesis. What is lovely though is that, though you have finished bathing, you can still smell yourself, smelling as lovely as ever!

I smelled of sweet, sweet candy! I highly recommend this for your "me" time. You will want to eat yourself (okay, that did not come out nice...) after.

Remember, if you ground the ball, you can actually use this four times. I was able to use the bubble bar for four bubble baths.

Downside of this product is that this is drying. I would not have bubble baths like this everyday. Of course, it is not everyday that you feel stressed. :)

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