Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going to the Market! Market!

Yesterday, I went to The Fort to get my mom a Mango Bravo Conti's cake. While there, I decided to explore Market!Market! Since the High Street shops were still closed. I came across a PX Store at the ground floor that sold Bath and Body works hand soap and lo and behold they still have the Twisted Peppermint from the Winter Collection. I am a big sucker for the winter collection. This like the candy canes that you can buy from the stores except that it's soap and won't make you fat.

It reminds me of my Christmases from way back! I got it of course, it was priced at 380Php and then I was given the hand soap for 350Php (without haggling!). I did not pay for it right away, I continued to look around and then the shopkeeper said I could have it for 350Php. Next time I would know that I can haggle and I really will. They have not seen the last of me *wahaha*.

BTW, I mentioned before that SM offered some of the Bath and Body Works items, Market!Market! Department Store also offers them and they have a wide array of products to choose from. They sell the PocketBacs for 210Php and the body lotion for almost 500Php if my memory serves me right. They also have Victoria's Secret products but am not a fan because I have only tried their lip gloss and was not impressed.

If you're a fan of either brands, this should be good news because you will not have to pay for shipping fees and you will not have to wait for soh long to get the product that you want! *yey*

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