Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Face Shop Nailed It!

Rating: 5/5
Last Sunday my husband and I had some of my husband's relatives over because he wanted to show off our newly renovated kitchen. During the day, his aunt started fixing her nails. Seeing she did not have a bottle of polish, I offered some of mine. I mentioned last time that I got fixated with The Face Shop's nail polish shades and I got myself two that I think are my staples. For my hands, I use the pink shade that I have reviewed before in this blog and for my toes I use another shade because for some reason, my feet are darker than my hands. I use a brown shade for my toes. I loove this shade because even if the polish gets chipped, it is not obvious. In fact I get to wear it for weeks! I know, am such a sloth, I do not even bother to use acetone. I do not like acetone because I have this gnawing feeling that it damages my nails.

My aunt-in-law and mother-in-law loved the shade BR801! They used the shade for their hands though. I have not tried it on my hands because I love the pink shade and it really makes the diamond on my ring finger stand out more. :)

To achieve the lasting gloss on your nails make sure you use a top coat. The Face Shop's version is very easy to apply and quick to dry. I know because I can be the most impatient person. The nail polish is also easy to apply, I know because I am not at all skilled in nail polish application. Though I am beginning to learn that one must use very light strokes to achieve good application.

What I would really like to rave about these bottles of nail polish is that, they are still so easy to apply, did not dry at all after more than eight months in storage! I used to have other brands and they dry up after a few months in storage! These bottles fetch for less than a hundred bucks too, so I think they are really worth every centavo!

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