Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cherry Lips

Rating: 5/5

While I was in Athens,Greece, I discovered a line of natural cosmetics that I liked called Korres Natural Products. I bought a lip gloss from them and I totally loved the scent and the way it felt on my lips. I am very picky with lip glosses because I do not want very thick formulas as they tend to irritate my sensitive lips *feeling!*! Seriously though, I do get rashes.

I like the simple packaging that their products came in because they are light and easy to carry. The box was so cute too as it had a picture of a cherry, I am a sucker for cherry things. The tint has a cherry flavor and while I normally opt for unscented things, I love the scent of this gloss!

The drawback as in any lip gloss is that it does not last as long as you want it to. But then again, it's a lip gloss so let's cut it some slack.

Unfortunately their products are not yet available in the Philippines. If I get to go to France this September I will look for their line there. Unfortunately for me, Euros just went up to 69 to a Peso. *boo!*

You can read more about Korres Natural Products here.

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