Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Rating: 3/5
I have purchased (finally!) the Olay Regenerist moisturizers. They come in two varieties the day cream and the night cream. The day cream has SPF 15 while the night cream is supposed to have more active ingredients. The containers are very similar but the creams differ in color. The night cream is light purple while the day cream is light pink (or something to that effect). You can buy each tub for 999 Php.

The containers are in gray, they're heavy so not really nice if you are traveling but it's nice to look at. It has a feel of luxury to it. I just do not like the idea that you have to dip your finger in the tub. I think it's not hygienic.

I have been using them for three weeks because I ran out of my Dramatically Different Clinique moisturizer and I have been dying to know what this line has to offer. I used to use Olay Total Effects with SPF 15 before I shifted to Estee Lauder HydraComplete. In fact the only memory I have of why I shifted is because I wanted to use all Estee before the wedding. I also remember that my face used to get oily with Olay. I still think that Olay is too rich for my skin because I have some little bumps on my skin (I get these when my gunk is too rich, this happens to my lips too!). The only reason why I am still using this is because I think it is making my skin firmer and tighter.

I will be posting more feedback once I notice more changes. BTW, I still use my Shiseido SPF 50 on top of the SPF 15 because I am paranoid. :) I also find the scent too overpowering.

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