Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pharmacy At Hand, Online

There is an online pharmacy in UK that actually delivers to your doorstep! How grand is that?! No more waiting in line and no need to feel embarassed about whatever it is you're purchasing, absolute confidentiality!

The name of the pharmacy is Pharmacy At Hand and it offers products from medicine to cosmetics! Of course you had to know that this is where everything on this blog is going! Anything about beauty gunk! *snickers* Anyway, they also feature products from the Vichy Laboratories. This brand has been making waves in the US and has been featured by big magazine names. I have not tried their product yet but they are offering a wide variety of products like make-up, cleansers and toners and special foundation for those who have flaws that they need to hide!

I am not very fond of concealers because often, you cannot find the exact match for your skin tone. I am also not very good at blending make-up. Vichy offers a product called Dermablend which can last for eight hours and can hide flaws as extreme as burns and as minor as freckles! This has a matte finish and is easy to apply. You can buy this online thorugh Pharmacy At Hand so you need not fall in line to get your refill. Of course for first timers, I would suggest you purchase this at a store so you can try the colors.

Another product of Vichy Laboratories are the usual line of make-up, cleansers and toners. The nice thing about their make-up is that they provide corrective formulae in the make-up. They have anti-wrinkle foundation, anti-imperfection and other things that promise so much more than just adding color to your face. I would love to try these products in the future so I can review them here. :) Imagine putting on make-up and making your face look great!

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