Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brow, Brow, Brow your Boat...

Rating: 5/5
I was also able to drop by MAC at Marionaud and I got myself a MAC Brow Set (brow gel) in clear. This should keep my eyebrows in line. ;) I hate it that it keeps on falling! I mean the way they really are is not very flattering for my eyes so I have to brush them up every once in a while. I am not the type of girl who checks on how she looks all the time so I need them to just stay after I brush them up. So far, I am very happy with MAC brow set. It has been hours since I have applied the Brow Set and my eyebrows have not budged, my forehead is not itching and most importantly, I feel very comfortable. MAC Brow Set sells for 875 Php at Marionaud.

Tonight, my sister asked me why I put on make-up. This is hardly every true now since I have not applied make-up for months already. I only apply gloss during special events now. I told her, when you grow older, like in two terms (because she is about to graduate) you will understand. :) Make-up makes me feel pretty and confident and that's all the reason I need. I told her.

I thought it was a nice question though. It made me think. ;)

I had fun shopping with my sister. :) I love hanging out with her!

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