Sunday, October 4, 2009


I think I did a pretty okay job on my eyebrows. I have no doubt that the pros at Propaganda would have done a better job but at least I did not have to go out into the rain. i learned that it's okay to pluck from the upper part of the eyebrow. I read it from one of the websites I have visited. Also the pencil can guide you in creating the arc. It should be 45 degrees with respect to your nose. I have learned that if I tug gently, it does not hurt as much but after all the plucking my head will ache. :) Remember to not wet your face after and always check your brows from a distance because you do not want to overpluck (I am coining the term :) ).

I need to comb my eyebrows up because their normal direction is down which ruins the shape of my brows. Which reminds me there used to be an eyebrow gel from Bench that I used to use. I should check out other brands. I stopped using this product because after a while it turns into something like dried glue on your brows and lashes if you put on too much. I will let you know if I find a good one. :) Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura and MAC has an eyebrow gel. I will see which one I will buy. :)

The wedding was great.It was typhoon free and I fit into my pink dress and my shoes matched my dress perfectly. I have to remember to always moisturize though because my skin is definitely parched. It's good I have with me still Kiehl's Creme of the Crop. I should really use that regularly. I am also back to Dove moisturizing bar so hopefully my skin will be able to recover.

I have not gone to Bioessence again, I know I should go back because I should have gone back weeks ago. I also need to get the result of my breast ultrasound from my checkup of a week ago. Make sure that you not only check on what's outside, check what's inside too and I am not just talking about your soul. A few months ago, the doctor discovered that I have a triple cluster cyst in my right breast. The last time the surgeon looked at it, he said he does not think it's malignant but he decided to let me get an ultrasound just to be sure. I hope to go there this week. Also, I have an up and coming third shot for the anti-cervical cancer vaccine of GSK. I have to check the date of that too. :)

All for now!

Have a great new week!

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