Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come Sale-ing Away

Okay, my last post on the St. Ives' hot oil treatment was not as clear as I intended to be. I guess I was too busy that day. No, I was not drunk. :) That's bad for the skin and mine is bad as it is already *wahaha*!

I am posting today to announce that there's a sale going on all over Rustan's. This time, no need to overpopulate the top floor because the items are all over Rustan's. Their sale is from today 'til the 21st. I was a tad bit disappointed though when I found out Michael Kors and Kate Spade had theirs since January 2 so most of my crushes were gone. Perhaps for my own sake. *grin*

I saw a crushable Kate Spade that was 25% off. I resisted the urge because the discount was a little more than 1000 Php and the size of the bag is not really for me. It had 14K gold coated hardware though. I also did not like the patent leather handle. Anne Klein is also on sale, found a bag that was 6K it was nice but I did not like most of its material. The handles were leather though which was good. Fendi was also on sale, items were 45% off. Ferragamo is also on sale (just 25% off though), Tiffany & Co. is not having a sale though, boo! Once more, this is for the benefit of my savings.

Le Sportsac was on sale and there were bags that were 50 off so I got myself one *sheepish grin*. I mean, I can turn it into a diaper bag later on when I have my baby *wahaha* hubby always falls for this excuse *ssshhhh*. My 13.3" laptop would fit nicely too so that I can bring it and no one has to know it's a laptop.

There are more items on sale so if you want to find out more about the sale, what are you waiting for?

Go to Rustan's! Happy Shopping! :)

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