Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Hair

Rating: 4/5

So you do not think that I am all biased with St. Ives, they do have a project that I liked. It's not for the skin mind you but for the hair. As to why I have stopped using this, I really do not know. I guess my mom just stopped buying the stuff and so I stopped using it and forgot to get back to the program when I started earning my own money.

This treatment though requires that you have more time bathing than usual. The nice thing about this is, once more, it's cheap and can be bought from supermarkets. It comes in three tubes per pack and one tube is good for one treatment so after using, you just conveniently toss it out. No need to make sure it's not dripping all over your bathroom.

While using this you will have a nice, relaxing, tingling sensation on your scalp so that you get relaxed while your hair gets treated as well.

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