Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eyes, Eyes Baby

Rating: 2/5

St. Ives products are very attractive because they are cheap and most of the time, when you read the packaging it promises you a lot of things. I do not know if their products worked for you and if it is just my skin that is not cooperating.

I have tried the Cucumber Eye Gel of St. Ives and while it did not give me a break out, it really did not do anything for puffy eyes. It was a bit of a disappointment for me still even though I did not really shell out much. It did give me a soothing, cool feeling around my eyes though, I have to give this product at least that.

I have also tried those filled masks that you put in the ref and you put on top of your eyes, I think this worked better than St. Ives.

I have a friend who bought the same product and ended up using this product as a shower gel *hehe*, at least their products are versatile. *grin*

I still think that the best way to make sure your eyes do not become puffy after crying, do not rub your eyes, just pat your cheeks dry and wash your face after. Puffy eyes in the morning will still be puffy so make sure you get enough sleep if your eyes are always puffy whether you cry or not.

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