Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheap and Chic Sunblock

Rating: 4/5
The vacation was refreshing and yet tiresome as well... I have been up to so many things *hehe* details here.

Anyhoo, because I have been moving from one place to another, my patch test on the Stri-Vectin was interrupted. I have not resumed again. Boo! I will try to get back to it tonight.

I know I have posted here my most fave brand of sun block Shiseido but before I met Shiseido, I was content with the L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 sun block. It is not water proof and so when you sweat it goes with the sweat. The tinted version has a dewy finish so you look a tad bit shiny but I liked the glow it gave me. I do not remember what this smells like so if it did have a scent it would be tolerable. The packaging is light and simple. To dispense, you simply have to push the container.

This sun block is so much cheaper than Shiseido but it lasts only two to three months. I cannot remember how much it was exactly but this was a couple of years ago so it does not matter.

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