Thursday, January 8, 2009


Rating: 3/5
I have just come from a seminar and it was a bit draining for all of us *hehe*, sometimes I feel it's easier to talk than to listen. I was not born to listen, I fear. As I was zoning out of the seminar, I was wondering what I should review today. I just remembered that I also had a love affair with scrubs, well, it was more of like a fling actually.

One of the scrubs I have tried in the past is The Body Shop Almond Body Scrub. This does not have a delicious smell but it said on the container that it was supposed to be moisturizing. Scrubbing can cause your skin to dry so if your skin is already to dry, stay away first. I got this but later on realized that I should not have. I found out, after I bought it that the ideal grains for a scrub should be round, and this scrub in particular do not have round grains or beads.

I noticed that it dries my skin and I had to be gentle in applying it lest I will hurt my self. I have not finished this scrub to this day. It has been sitting in our bathroom for years now, gathering sedimentary who-knows-what.

The Mango Scrub smells delish and if the grains are round, you might want to try this out.

More scrubs next time. :)

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