Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lux Loot!

It is almost Christmas and I will have to say, I am going on a vacation for a while. Technically, I will not be slacking for the next few days, I am simply taking a leave of absence. I do not think the posts will be missed though since everyone will be taking their vacation too. It is Christmas after all! :)

On this note, I want to great all the beauty gunkees a Merry Christmas! :)

The other day, I was in Makati at Valero corner Salcedo I think *hehe* I rarely go to Makati so forgive me if I am a bit geography-challenged. Anyway, there was a LuxAsia sale in the same building where Raffles had a sale (they had cheaper Corelle and Pyrex stuff!). LuxAsia is the distributor of luxury items and at first I was reluctant to go to this sale but my husband told me there were more Shiseido products this time than in their last appearance at the MegaTent sale. I went and I was not disappointed!

Shiseido Sun Care Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ was only 999.00 Php when the original price is 1,800 Php! I just bought a couple of boxes of SPF 50 from Shiseido Rockwell and the manufacturing date said 02/07, and the ones I got from LuxAsia says 03/07 but of course, these are stickers. I only bought one from LuxAsia because I still want to closely compare the consistency. The smell was the same but the consistency seems to be different since the one from Rockwell that I got is more creamy. It could just be paranoia, I am yet to conclude that they are of the same quality. I also bought sunblock for the body which was sold at 1,175 Php at LuxAsia it is more than two thousand at Shiseido boutiques.

I also tried the YSL Touche Eclat concealer in number 2 and I thought it did not do much for my raccoon eyes, yet a few minutes after application and a few minutes away from the store, I looked in the mirror in our car, and my eyes seemed to really look better! They were sold at 1,200 Php, I better buy one of those on their next sale!

I bought (finally!) a gift box of StriVectin which had inside StriVectin for the eyes, StriVectin SD and StriVectin Anti-Oxidant. I have not used this yet, I am currently doing a patch test on my hand to see if the Clinique and StriVectin combination will irritate my skin. So far, so good, no bumps yet. :) The set was just a bit over 3,000 Php which is really cheap considering that a tube of StriVectin SD can easily fetch for 8,000Php.

So there's my loot for this week. I better start saving up again because well, I have spent a lot! *wahaha!*

Reviews on StriVectin to follow. I really need to use it first before releasing a review so I will not have to retract anything later. :)

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