Monday, December 8, 2008

Dry Patch

Rating: 3/5
When I travel, I bring with me liquid soap. I used to bring my Vanilla scented shower gel from The Body Shop but I have emptied my small bottle already. Most of the time though, and for particularly long trips, I bring with me Dove moisturizing body wash. Since a lot of people have given me Bath and Body Works shower gel, I tried using it. I use it everyday because the smell is great. I have been using White Cherry Blossoms and the smell is just so yummy. I was also given a matching lotion which also smells yummy! I have emptied that bottle already and I have moved on to Japanese Orchids and it also smells wonderful.

However, since I do not have time to apply lotion in the morning and I am too lazy to do this too, I have found my skin drying. I am now using my emergency lotion Creme de Corps of Kiehl's in the hopes of resurrecting moisture on my skin. If this does not work, I will have to try the stinky but effective Dream Cream of Lush. I do hope the Kiehl's lotion works!

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