Monday, December 8, 2008

One Month of FitFlops

I have been using my FitFlops for a month now (I wrote an entry when I first got them, read it here), I don't wear them at home but at work I wear them all the time (one of the reasons I love my job) and I must say, I really feel they are effective. I have just been to Bora and I was able to notice how more toned my legs are and some sections of my thighs, mostly the front part... pardon my ignorance *snickers*.

My knees now hurt less because the FitFlops absorb the shock. Moreso, since I bought the WalkStarII with the inner leather, it is so much more comfortable.

My lower back now has an arc that has long been gone. Unfortunately for me, the FitFlops do not work for my abs and since I have stopped doing crunches, I am stuck with flabs instead of abs. What I am sure of though is that buying my FitFlops was a good call.

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