Monday, December 8, 2008

Eye Clinique

Rating: 4/5
From my last post, you might be wondering what eye cream I am currently using. I have tried Estee Lauder ANR for the eyes and so far this is the best that I have tried. I mean I have tried Shiseido too and it was ok, Estee Lauder though is the best I have tried. Since I got married and I wanted to be more practical *sheepish grin* I have decided to go with a cheaper brand. I just wanted to see if it would work just the same since it is a sister company of Estee Lauder. I tried Clinique All About Eyes Rich and well, I do not think it is doing much for my eyes. Maybe my eyes need my cream to work harder. I noticed that it softens the lines around my eyes but it seems my wear and tear is more powerful than the repair that Clinique can perform. For a while I have contemplated on using Stri-vectrin. A serum that is supposed to help reduce stretch marks but instead of following the instructions of the package, people started using them for their wrinkles and low and behold, they found out that it is a nice substitute to BoTox. I just do not know if it has the same side effect when you try to frown but can't because you seem to be always smiling when on BoTox. *peace sign to those who are doing this*

Clinique All About Eyes Rich is so much cheaper than other eye creams. It does not have an applicator though which I think is not hygienic. I got the rich cream type because I thought this will be more effective. Maybe next time I will try the other version.

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