Monday, October 6, 2008

Care for Kissers

Rating: 3/5
I have long been hearing things about Kiehl's lip balm. They say this lip balm is their number one best seller and so when Kiehl's finally got to Manila, I just had to have a tube of their lip balm. I got the one with SPF 15 because I am so obsessed with sunblock. I will share more on that in another post.

I was expecting too much I guess, which explains the tad bit disappointment that I had when I found out that it makes my lips soft only when I have it on. My lips go back to their parched state when it's all gone. It's different from my Ilog Maria lip balm that keeps on working even after it wears off. Plus, this lip balm does not have a pepperminty flavor.

If you are wondering if I still use mine, yes I still do. The only reason I might continue to use it is probably because, it's easier to get than the Ilog Maria lip balm, Ilog Maria is a whole lot cheaper though. On the other hand, it does have SPF15 and Ilog Maria doesn't have any.

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