Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hydra Complete Me

Rating: 3/5
When I bought an Idealist and ANR Eye Recovery Complex, I got for free two jars of Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Creme, one small and one big. This smelled great and felt fabulous on my skin as I apply it. The texture is just wonderful. I wish I could say the same about the long term effect though.

The thing is, it did not do much for my dry skin. When I went to Murad, which I will also blog about next time, to have my skin checked by a resident dermatologist, she said that my skin is a bit dry. I knew that too, since the lines were starting to appear and I just turned 28! Okay, so maybe, partly I am to blame for not drinking enough water...

The nice thing about this product though is that it does not make my face shine like a greasy plate. Plus, it feels like it gets absorbed easily by the skin because the skin does not feel greasy for a long time. I apply sun block after moisturizer and after this, I can almost immediately get the sun block on my face.

I used this moisturizer on my wedding day and my makeup did not melt on my face though it was a really hot day. My face remained dewy.

The packaging is a jar which some people might find unhygienic. There are no special paraphernalia for applying this so essentially, you just stick you fingers into the jar and apply the glop directly on your face.

I did finish up my stock before I switched brands. I actually planned to get the very same jar when I considered the price. *grin* And of course the not-so-dramatic effect. And once more, my expectations were a tad bit too high for reality.

Result: Change was not very noticeable. Skin was not oily at all.

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