Thursday, October 23, 2008


Rating: 5/5

When I saw the Avon Cellu-Sculpt lotion, I thought my prayer has been answered. I guess it is a girl's dream to finally see all her cellulite gone. Actresses like Sandra Bullock have not been spared from the curse of the dimples in the wrong places. What is more sad is that men do not get to have cellulites! Travesty, I know!

I decided to try this product in the hopes that it will work for me. I was lucky because Avon was having a sale when I got my tube and so I was able to get the bigger tube. I used it for more than a month, applying it religiously to my thighs and abdominal area. Lo and behold, it worked! The dimples are not fully gone, but I noticed that my thighs were smaller than usual.

The scent is not good, however. In fact, the smell is terrible! What I like about this product though is that a little goes a long way and it is relatively easy to apply. I would recommend this for people who are obsessing on their thighs. If you are wondering, I have stopped using this product because I simply do not have time to slather lotion in the morning these days. Maybe someday I will get back to the program again. In the meantime, I have to rely on the good old treadmill at the gym. Then again, even treadmill cannot do a thing for the unwanted dimples. I also find that this is a tad bit too expensive especially since there are other products that are cheaper out there. I will blog about these other products soon! :)

Result: Noticeably trimmed thighs and less
Downside: Funky smell, more expensive than other anti-cellulite creams

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