Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lush Dream

Rating: 4/5
I used to swim 30 laps every other day and while it did wonders for my shoulders and the rest of my body, it did great damage to my skin and hair! My skin was so scaly, dull and dry and so being the beauty gunk addict that I am, I looked for a perfect lotion. I tried the Body Shop's Body Butter first. Since I was looking for dramatic effects, I opted for the Olive Oil Butter. It smelled terrible and the color was icky green but I thought to myself, it might be effective.

Not. It was not at all effective. It did nothing for my skin. My skin was still dry, only now it also stank from the fugly smell of the lotion. So I kept on looking and I found myself reading a catalog of Lush. I know, I must have plenty of time in my hands! It was there that I found out about Lush's Dream Cream. Halle Berry swears by this moisturizer and we all know how smooth, silky and dewy her skin is! In a heartbeat, I was in a Lush Store buying my first ever tub of Lush Dream Cream.

I was not disappointed at all. It did all that it promised. It was also stinky but at least it is effective. It is handmade with no preservatives so the downside is the expiry date. This expires in a little more than six months. Fortunately, I swam every other day so I was really able to consume my tub. You will really feel the difference! It does quench your parched skin!

Now, you might ask me, why switch to Kiehl's Creme de Corps? The smell might not drive me away but my husband can be driven away by the smell! Now that I am married, I find it more practical to stick to Kiehl's. Oh and yeah, this lotion, no matter how humble the container is still on the pricey side.

Result: Smooth, moisturized, dewy, stinky skin :) Hey you take the good with the bad
Downside: Has a quick expiry date

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