Monday, October 20, 2008

Fee, Fi, Fo, Foam

Raing: 5/5

Shiseido Pureness Gentle Cleansing Foam is very effective for those who tend to have oily skin and even those who tend to have pimples and other blemishes caused by oily skin. This has worked for me in my oiliest of years. I only wished my mom could have discovered this earlier in my life *haha*. My skin was never extremely oily however, it did have its way of making my face shine like an oily pan.

I have used Shiseido Pureness Gentle Cleansing Foam for years until that fateful year when I went to a Shiseido bar in Hong Kong. The sales associate told me not to use the Pureness line anymore as my face is absolutely dry already. I attributed the scaling from the cold winds of March but the woman refused to sell me the Pureness line! (I was shocked and was forced to believe her!) She gave me the samples for the Skin Care line after I also bought the SPF 50 Sunblock (yes the one that I have admitted to being addicted to!) After I tried the Shiseido Skin Care Gentle Cleansing Foam, there was no turning back. I even got to a point where I saved all my points in the SM Advantage Card so I can get myself some of this product for free! Of course the price of this product does not come cheap too. *hehe* Darn these cosmetic companies! :)

The texture of this facial wash is so nice when you lather it up, the bubbles are so small and soft to the skin! I know you might say, aren't all bubbles? But you have to try this to believe it. The scent is really nice too! I am still using this and I really drain the tube up to its last drop because I do swear by this gunk.

And yes, this was my facial wash in the one year that I was preparing for my wedding. :)

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