Friday, October 10, 2008

My Favorite Shiseido

Rating: 5/5

I started using sunblock a bit late in life because my mom used to believe that sunblock will just make me burn more. Fortunately, Shiseido made her change her mind! She is now a certified sunblock SPF 50 addict and in the process, she has also made me into one.

Now, I can no longer go out of the house without this sun block. Worse, I once tried another formula but the formula was too thick and oily. Shiseido Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ UVA/UVB for Face is nice because you can easily blend it on your skin, especially when I you have moisturizer on. This comes with PA++ unlike other sunblocks which protects you from aging. It is not too thick and it is certainly not sticky. It has a different smell but it's not bad smelling at all.

Another bonus of this product is that it is waterproof so you can sweat it out and still know that you are protected. I have used this on a very sunny day on the beach, under the glaring heat of the sun while we worked for Habitat for Humanity and it has not failed me yet. I use this with some exfoliating formulas to keep me from having unwanted skin maps on my face.

I love this product so much, that on my wedding day, I put on some even though my makeup artist insisted that I do not put on anything at all. The result? Very nice dewy finish. My make up stayed in tact and beautiful all day! When I say all day, I mean from 8am to 12 midnight!

The packaging is light as it is just inside a sporty blue and orange plastic tube. I never go for overnights or out-of-the-country or out-of-town trips without this thing. As I have said, I too, like my mom, am hooked!

The price of this sunblock is not cheap, I admit that but a tube can last me for several months and I love that it really does its job. It protects my skin round the clock!

If you are wondering how long I have been using this sun block, it has been six years and still counting. :)

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